Who’s Who?


Stay in touch with ASC staff…our minds are full of…of…of…useful tidbits and joyful musings.


CJ Farnsworth, Director (cfarnsworth@wvncc.edu / 214.8853)

Stephanie Smith, Program Associate (ssmith@wvncc.edu / 214.8922)

Kristi Aulick, Advisor (kaulick@wvncc.edu / 214.8921)

Kris Matyskiela, Lead Tutor (kmatyskiela@wvncc.edu / 214.8993)

Robin Evans, Administative Assistant (revans2@wvncc.edu / 214.8923)


Ida Williams, Coordinator (iwilliams@wvncc.edu / 723.7514)

Casey Lyons, Lead Tutor (clyons@wvncc.edu / 723.coming soon)


Dennis Bills, Coordinator (dbills@wvncc.edu / 510.8773)

, Lead Tutor coming soon

Holler Back Ya'll

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