And the ‘Jury-Rigging’ Gold Goes to…

I know, I know…I’ve been a real slack*#~ blogger this summer…no fear…pre-season football, daylight dwindling, the somber stares of children everywhere…all telling me it’s time to get back in the saddle…the season is here…

I come from a long line of proud jury-riggers…

SIDE NOTE: This phrase has an interesting etymology…originating…as many of our idioms do…from nautical terminology…hmpf…I always thought it probably started with some madcap genius named Jerry…

Anyway…our kitchen faucet’s leaky. My father, while house-sitting recently, reminded me of my proud heritage by jury-rigging the handle with some rubber bands he’d taken off the newspapers he was bringing in…

I only hope my son has inherited ‘my side’s’ knack for the make-shift, make-do, work with what ‘ya got, work around, ingenuity inherent in being a first-class jury/Jerry-rigger.

Necessity breeds invention, right? When I was a kid, we didn’t always have the means to buy a new table, toaster or dryer when they went on the fritz…what we lacked in resources, we made up for in resourceFULNESS.

And, I mean, talk about life-skill! When was the last time you had all the resources you “needed” for…well…anything?

Let me be clear: my faucet still leaks.

But chickens, this is the icing on the cake…(mmmm, cake)…this is the reason why  I’m throwing out right here…right now…BAM!…a fall semester challenge to practice, practice, practice and perfect your jury/Jerry-rigging abilities. Not only will your brain bloom, like some kind of steroidal lotus at dawn,with creativity, inspiration and good ole’ fashioned gumption…but you will grow, inch-by-inch, more comfortable with human fallibility.

There are some things we cannot fix, make right, or get rid of and replace.

But you cannot…must not, chickens…allow this chapping fact to deter your jury/Jerry-rigging efforts! (⇐This is the challenge part…) Because if you do your brain’ll start dropping off, petal-like, into a dark pond of abyss.

So this semester, when you find yourself faced with a problem…before you quit,max out your credit cards or compromise your sanity…tap our collective, American heritage…put your jury/Jerry-rigging skills to good use…slapdash, ad-lib, improvise and invent…because this is what really makes us human.

Stay-tuned for my upcoming post on octopuses…yes, it is octopuses, not octopi…but right now…I’m off to Lowe’s to faucet shop.

Today’s Word of the Day Is…

Esprit de Corps

I came across this term recently, Chickens…it was familiar..but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the meaning…so I looked it up. That’s right Chickens…looked it up in my old, ratty American Heritage Dictionary…the one I used when I was younger to make up word games when I was bored (Yes, I had friends)…so this wonderful French term means:

the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for…the group

What a sublime word!

Believe, Chickens, that the world is full of synchronicity and serendipity (No, I am not playing one of those stupid dictionary games right now)…this word came back to me just as SPIRIT of the CHICKEN Week flies in…

Speaking of fowl…let’s clear this up right now:

According to conventional wisdom (AKA message boards):

“Chicken” is the term used for the general species – as a whole.

“Hen” is a female chicken…a young female chicken is called a pullet.

“Rooster” is a male chicken…a young male chicken is called a cockerel.

“Chicken” and “chick” can be used for either gender.

Ugh… leaves a bad taste, I know…

And according to more common badinage (10¢):

All of them taste good…


How Funky Is Your Chicken? How Loose Is Your Goose?

Oh – it’s on, Chickens!!!!

The SPIRIT of the CHICKEN Week is almost here…

And I just need to remind you, Chickens,bboard paws that you can’t out craft the crafty









you can’t out art an artistbboard connect


you can’t out create a creator

movie bboard


and you CANNOT out spirit sprinkle the ASC…

We Got Spirit!

We got spirit, yes we do…We got spirit, how about you?
We got spirit, yes we do…

We got spirit more than you!

Be SKEERED Chickens…be very , very SKEERED!!