Watch Ya’ Mouth

Always a good rule of thumb, but with so much more urgency right now….amIright? Cover it. Don’t touch it. Keep it to yourself.

Geesh…I’m feeling a little tired, Chickens…like there’s a fox in the hen house tired! How ’bout you? And I mean, we’re at home…you know what I mean? How can I be tired? I haven’t left the house?

But there are types of tired…there’s emotional-tired, overwhelmed & burned-out tired, bone-tired, bored-tired, depressed-tired, over-worked tired, too-much and too-fast tired, I-can’t-sleep tired, wired-tired, sick-tired, hungry and/or tryptophan tired, too-hot/too-cold tired, I-don’t-know tired, confused-tired, talk-too-much tired, alone-tired, social-tired, trying-tired, too-much-coffee-too-late-in-the-day tired, too-much-wine tired, if-my-dad-calls-one-more-time-to-ask-me-why-his-phone-did-“that-thing”-again tired, there’s-nothing-left-to-watch-on-Netflix-and-I-refuse-to-watch-the-Tiger-King tired…

So take your pick…any one of those and then some could be cause. Comes as no surprise we’re all feeling a little out-o-sorts. But if you’ve tuned in at all (…how could you not? Did I mention tuned-in tired?) there are plenty of great tips circulating to help us minimize fatigue and step off the COVID-19 Coaster…while we stay at home covering our mouths and washing our hands…because life, Chickens, has got to go on…so I’ll share how we’re trying to apply a few of these directives at my house.

Lay claim to your space…good-bye dining room and kitchen, hello work and school. Find a place in your house that is designated for your “outside” life…make sure it’s stocked …looking for ‘stuff’ you need leads to distractions and wasted time. If possible, use your designated space only for its interim “outside” purpose…this will help to establish boundaries between your “outside” (public/work/school) life and your “inside” (personal, family) time. At my house, there are three of us bringing our “outside” lives in…claiming our own space is helping us preserve our marriage and ensure our son is gracious if/when he has to choose our elder-care home.

My son (above) claimed space in the dining room, using every square inch…while my husband has set up on the kitchen table where he keeps it simple and compact.

Keep to a schedule…I suppose there are Type A’s out there who keep it all in their heads, but we…especially my son who, like students all over the country, has been catapulted into finishing the last 2-months of his junior year of high school, online…needs lots and lots of structure during a typical week at school…so making the leap to an online education is a crash-course in time-management and organization…there is no better preparation for college and more importantly…for life, my Best-Feathered-Friends…it doesn’t matter how you do it or where you do it…but get your daily/weekly schedule nailed down. Seeing it-is doing it…where tasks are concerned.

In the same vein…keep yourself accountable and establish boundaries… across the board. That’s our fridge…the Post-it reads…Don’t Be Stupid. Easter is right around the corner, Chics…and that means spring then summer and sun and shorts and maybe even the beach…(if not this summer, then next)…if now is not the time to be thinking about our health and taking care of ourselves… then when? I do love ice cream and sugar is my favorite afternoon slump-buster…but sitting in the house all day, less the 3-feet from the fridge…well, sometimes we need to see the writing on the wall…don’t be stupid.

Finally…laugh. You’ve kept “space” during the day…so in the evening…come together…because one thing I can tell you is we got to be free…

Before we were made to start “nesting,” Chickens…I bet a good many of us couldn’t recall the last time we sat with all of our family members…around a table…with nothing to do but Watch Ya’ Mouth

…and be free

And, Chickens, do not squawk to my husband about this video making the blog…see above about trying to survive COVID-19, marriage in tact.

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