Do we look like ears to you?

Image result for all ears

Well looks can be deceiving…because we are ears…we are all ears…big, beautiful auricle-canal-tympanic membranes, Chickens.

I mean if we could bug the place, ya’know, listen-in on the innocent, everyday confabulations of righteous, groovy Chickens like you…kind of how ‘big-brother’ keeps tabs on all of us through our cell-phones and Google search history…

Image result for cuckoo for cocoa puffsWait. What?!? No, I mean…I’m totally not a cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs conspiracy theorist or anything…but we are uber-interested in everything you say, Chickens! I mean, it’s kind of like a side-hustle we’re runnin’…

Because we are totally out to get you…get you graduated, get you a job, get your bags packed for a trip on the U.S.S. Happiness & Success.

And your experiences and perceptions are what help us set that ship a sail; our main gig is your success. So anything you can feed-back that may help us do better by you…well we are tuned-in.

Hoisting the sail each semester, I try to throw out some of the ‘feed’ gathered from our FYS students…so without further blather…(reprinted exactly):



feed 1

feed 2

feed 3

feed 4

feed 5

feed 6

feed 7

There you have it.

When students talk, Northern listens.

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