Grab a Wiener and Hold it High!

You don’t have to be Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, Chickens, to appreciate that today is National Hot Dog Day! YUM.

It is good, despite its dubious origins, to celebrate this comical treat.

The humble hot dog exemplifies our ingenuity, our resourcefulness, our ability to meltImage result for hot dog vintage whatever we’ve got…together…in a vat…throw in some spice…bind it up, dress it up, chew it up and…OH SNAP! aaaaaaaaaaahll is right with the world.

And this is not to mention the ubiquitous hot dog’s versatility…boil, grill, fry, steam, bake, microwave, or fire-pit it, dress it up or down, footlong, l’il smokie, jumbo…it doesn’t care! The hot dog has incredible confidence…a true sense of self. It isn’t intimidated by new experiences (Puka Dog anyone? How ’bout a Japadog? No? A Cachorro Quente, then?) 

The hot dog is a survivor! A go-getter…ain’t no one gonna’ keep it…or Gloria Gaynor…down…not Atkins, or Paleo, or Keto, or Oz…my neighbors used to eat them raw, for frankfurter’s sake! Slurp up the slimy hot dog water right out of the bag…(those kids had a penchant for eating all manner of raw food…how they didn’t have worms and what they had against a stove I will never know.)

So there are some things we can learn from our familiar friend…let us join hands and reflect…

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