Embrace that beautiful, bouncing, bundle of…

Congratulations graduates! Hoping this ceremonious step is one towards lifelong learning and success.Related image

Though I have to confess when thinking about my own graduations, high school and college, I felt a little like a popped balloon. After so much hype, the handshake and diploma, the next day dawned. Now what?

It felt like a long, bumpy ride into a dark tunnel…not out of one. I have heard that some people do emerge like starving moles…those enviable folks who knew exactly where they were going and what to do when they got there…sans ambiguity, confusion, ennui. Lucky bastards.

But for some of us, Chickens, transitions are a little more fraught. AmIright?

I don’t want to get all “life’s a journey…” but I think maybe these dark, awkward, punctured transitions are life’s way of providing us with our bona fides…though we’ll receive no embossed, certified document of proof. After years dedicated to proving what we know, it’s these periods that remind us of what we don’t, can’t, know. And what we don’t know has more value than what we do.

In physics, the concept of potential energy states that when an object’s position is altered from its usual equilibrium it’s able to store energy by virtue of its position. So are we objects in space and time who, being removed from our ‘usual position’, are propelled toward our potential.

Image result for let's make a deal goatSo for any of you graduates, curled fetally in your beds, whispering now what, now what?…trust the process. A degree doesn’t actually open doors, but it allows you to participate in the perennial, universal game of ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’ (yikes, showing my age) …more doors, more choices…and if you wind up with a goat…know that goats are extraordinary,  resourceful, strong, intelligent, curious, entertaining, good-natured, and extremely useful animals.

Embrace your goat. Wrap up that “kid” like a burrito and bury your nose in its coat.

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