Straight from the Chicken’s beak…

Image result for crowing chickenThough few of us get teaching degrees, we’re all teachers…as parents, siblings, colleagues…even as children, I’m learning as my father ages and can’t figure out how to get the messages from his flip-phone…we’re always teacher and always student.

In this vein, I’m sharing the wisdom acquired by students in FYS (First-Year Seminar) this spring. Do take note…because these are now Chickens who’ve been there and scratched that…(reprinted here exactly as written, except where personal or identifying information has been removed).

I am so happy with my decision of continuing my schooling here and being in the radiology program. My professors are incredible and extremely helpful when it comes to questions about classes and miscellaneous concerns we may have they always find an answer in a timely fashion. I enjoy there are on campus activities to make you more familiar with the campus and the staff. I am in the Education Center most of my day, but when i venture off into the other buildings I am never not pleased with the up to date facility. The different centers are so helpful with their services and are out to help us as much as possible. The only concern I have with the campus is the limited parking we have. I end up marking at a meter almost every day because I really do not prefer to park is the WESCO lot just for safety issues. Overall I would recommend anyone to attend WVNCC for a quality education!

Some of the things I like is that it’s not far from home, all the staff members are great and not afraid to ask if I need help, even if I never had them as a teacher, and the activities that happen on the campuses are fun! A few things I do disagree on is the financial aid.  I had so many problems with financial aid, and when I called the office, they decided to call back two months later.  The only other thing is the online campus classes.  We always have problems with either the cameras not working, we can’t hear or see the other campuses on the screen.

One of the things I like about WVNCC is the staff, they are very patient and helpful with anything you need and they always help you figure out/achieve what you need done. There isn't really anything that I would change about it. WVNCC is great the way it is now.

I registered for school only a few short days before the semester started due to other problems at my other school.  I felt that all the people around helped me get what I needed and made me feel welcomed!  I also thought that our website was very convenient to utilize and find grades and financial information.  Also, the student and staff that are all on the weirton campus were so friendly and very very helpful.  I don’t think I have ever met a better group of people.  At first, I was having trouble with my second semester classes because I took a few online.  But, I eventually got the hang of it and I feel pretty comfortable with them now!  One thing I wanted to change was to get transcripts sent online instead of filling out all the paper work at the front desk just to make sending transcripts a little more convenient.  Fortunately, they are available online now and it is very simple and easy to get them sent to other schools 🙂  Other than that, I really don’t have any complaints or things I would want to change.  My experience has been pretty well!

So far I have had a great experience here at WVNCC. The professors and the secretaries at the front desk are always very helpful and willing to answer my questions. I really like that my student portal gives me access to all my classes, assignments, grades, schedule, etc. I think the application process and registering for your classes is very easy and convenient since you can do it online and on your own time. I also really like that they offer classes online because it makes it easier for me since I have a busy schedule. 

Overall, I have had a very good experience at West Virginia Northern Community College. The professors in the nursing program are extremely helpful and really know their stuff. They really do teach us the important things we need to know. I find myself to be a very good studier. I am pretty organized and I try to keep on top of due dates and do things early and start studying as early as I can. I find that I make note cards after each class over the important topics discussed and then before the test I study those.
Something I would like to change is not having so much on my plate. Although I always seem to get my work done on time,  I constantly get overwhelmed with too many things going on in my life. Sometimes I think I need to cut back a day on work so I don’t feel so overwhelmed in school, or maybe not work such long hours so I have time to come home and do homework after.

Image result for thinkingMy experience at WVNCC has been wonderful. From the start of my journey the Weirton campus staff has made me feel nothing less than welcomed. Everyone from office workers, janitors, computer techs and teachers have been super nice and awesome. A lot of teachers I have had are compassionate, considerate and super funny. The people from the Weirton campus has to be the best part about attending school there. I enjoy going to class simply because of them.
Although there are a few things I would change. I took a couple late classes and I did not like it. Some days I would be there until 9 o’clock at night and I had a hard time paying attention because I wanted to get home. Another thing I had a difficult time with was dealing with the computer lab computers. They would always load so slow and it was hard to get anything accomplished. Also, I had such a difficult time with my math for teacher’s class. I took the first part and passed with a B but the tests were extremely hard and the class required so much work. I am in the second part not and things still are going chaotic. In the end, it will be worth it though!

Honestly, I have been to WVNCC for over a year now and I absolutely love it. This school has gave my life such a positive outlook. I look forward to attending class, learning with other instructors and students, and participating on what WVNCC has to offer. 
I truly would not make any changes to this school, except possibly getting in more clubs and organizations, but other than this place is absolutely fantastic and my journey to WJU in the near future will be bittersweet because I will miss this college. Thank you and the rest of the staff and faculty for making my education so positive and incredible. 

Some of the things that I would change would be the organization. When I first applied to the nursing school in March 2017, I did not get put into the group for the May decisions. When I contacted someone and asked why, they said because I never sent my high school transcripts. I sent them TWICE that year, once in January, then again with my submitted application in March. I was also told I never submitted tax papers, but I did in fact submit them. I was also told that they tried to contact me through my home phone on file (which is my current home phone number) to inform me but that it said the number was no longer in service. They had to have dialed the wrong number. I would also change the criteria for being a professor. My first, and only semester in nursing school here, I was yelled at and cussed at by a professor because she said I was doing nothing, when clearly I was doing the given assignment and she even saw my progress on my assignment. This is just one of the reasons that I am transferring and no longer in the nursing program here.

Also, while I was an early entrance student, I had a set time at my high school to be in the library to work on my college courses so that I did not have to at home. During this time, I studied and did the coursework throughout the week and saved all course tests and quizzes for the end, usually Friday. Because there were other students taking courses, and one student taking the exact course as me, we were accused of cheating on the quizzes. The only reason this accusation was made was because this professor obviously did not understand how my high school ran early entrance courses and how they were supervised. Therefore this professor decided that since tests were taken around similar times, that were were cheating. However, we were supervised at all times and had our supervisor and the school principle reassure her that all students are supervised and separated during tests. Although she was reassured by two people however, this professor still continued to insult the supervisor, principle, and the school as a whole accusing them of letting students cheat and teaching bad lessons to students and saying, "I don't see how you are even allowed to teach students." 

Overall, I hate to say that I have had more bad experiences than good with this school. I was hoping this would never the the case with any school that I would ever attend, but unfortunately that is the case. Now, I have had my share of excellent professors and classes that I really enjoyed, but have also had my share of classes that I did not like or that I dreaded going to.

A few good experiences I have received from WVNCC would be, I have become more independent when it comes to doing class assignments. I am now able to be more organized with my school work and getting assignments done on time and done properly. A few things I would change would be, Being more prepared when it comes to taking tests. I find it difficult to study for a big test the week before they are given then if I study weekly, it helps me retain the information given more easily.  There are a few things about WVNCC I would change and that would be, The hours some classes are available for. It’s hard for me being a single mother to find a sitter for the evening classes since more sitter agencies are only available during normal school hours. The evening classes would have to be the most difficult for me also because of the babysitter situation.  

   During my time here at northern I have learned so many things. From starting college in high school till now it has been a wonderful experience. The application process for nursing school was not that bad at all. Filling out paper work and taking the teas test. If I could change anything it would be to stay more organized in the beginning. I would also not procrastinate as much as I have. The coursework from beginner coursework to my nursing course work is two different stories. I have never read so much in a week as I do now. I have learned so much and I am forever greatful for each and every teacher that I have had. Something challenging would be my lab class from the last few semesters. Just trying to remember each step in the beginning was hard, however, now it is not so bad. I have loved everything thus far and hope to continue to have an amazing experience throughout my time here at northern. 

A few good things about my WVNCC experience is that I have met a lot of good friends and new people. A second is that I have learned to be more organized and prepared for anything. Doing my coursework in this class has been easy. I have just had to follow directions and pay attention to deadlines. A few things I would like to change about my experience here at Northern is not taking on too many classes at once. I am currently doing nineteen hours. But I am making it work and passing!! That is really my only compliant about WVNCC. Other than that it has been a great journey. The thing that was the most difficult about my experience is trying to do homework, taking care of my baby, and keeping a clean house! But as of right now everything is working out for me. I am on the track to graduating on May 11th of this year and I am super excited! I would not change my experience here at Northern because, it is making me into a better person. WVNCC has helped me figure out who I want to be as a person. 

Image result for thinkingSo far, my WVNCC experience has been wonderful. I thought the application process was very easy. Having an easy application process takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. I think I like my experience so much because of my professors and classmates. I never dread class to the point where it makes me want to skip or not focus on my grades. I genuinely enjoy what I’m learning about and who I spend my class time with. A bad thing about WVNCC is their office personnal. I have had several problems with how they have handled situations where they have made mistakes and were very rude about it. Hopefully they will become more friendly in the future.

The application process at WVNCC is very nice, and easy to do. To schedule our classes for the upcoming semester has a very nice, and easy process. I like the process that we have for scheduling our classes, and if we have any difficulties all we have to do is ask our counselor for help. The only thing that I would change is the way I study for my classes. I would take more time to study and make sure I have doen what I need to get done. I have enjoyed my experience at WVNCC and I plan on finishing all my schooling at WVNCC. This is a great community college to go to, and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to go to a community college. 

I have to say overall my experience with WVNCC has been a very positive one. I am an online only learner so I wasn't sure what to expect and how this would go. From the start, the application process was very easy. I was able to apply and receive a response very quickly. I was then able to obtain financial aid quickly following that. All questions I asked during the application and financial aid process were answered very quickly and with great detail so I had a complete understanding. My advisor has been very supportive and has helped me after I began my first semester. I am fairly pleased with how the current courses are going. I chose classes that I felt may be my weakest to start and turns out, I'm not too bad in these classes!

I would say that some of the communication in one of my classes has not been great. I do have trouble with getting responses from one of my professors and I feel like the calendar is very off. Most of the assignments were copied and pasted from the previous semester so the dates have been very difficult to decipher. I have been able to ask questions; however, responses are fairly delayed.

I am a full-time working adult and a single mother so school itself is a challenge; however, I have found my experience with WVNCC thus far a very positive experience.

As I’ve said before this is my second semester at WVNCC after being away from school as a learner for many years. So far I have enjoyed the classes. The application process was vary easy and the Financial Aid office was easy to talk to for any questions. One of the things I’m not liking is that the remedial classes especially math cannot be taken online, someone who may need this like myself does not have time because of work to go to the campus to take.  I am going to try to test out of it but I’m not great with math so that may not even help. I would also like to change that adult learners would not have to take this class.

Some good thing about my WVNCC experience is being able to go to WVNCC, being able to be apart of the college, and meeting new people. I thought the application process was a bit frustrating because I was originally just going to take classes for Phlebotomy but other than that it was okay. I wish I could go back and look at more colleges. I wish I could go back and make more friends.

My time attending WVNCC has surpassed my expectations. The staff genuinely care about my success, teachers give you more than enough materials I need to succeed, and the environment is positives. Registration was made easy bu my academic advisor, with whom I’ve already setup my schedule with for next semester! Receiving all my books and other materials prior to the first day of class was made simple and quick. Most importantly, my classes have gone well and I learn things I can actually apply to my life everyday.
Attending WVNCC has given me the confidence to apply myself to get a promotion at work, take on larger responsibilities, and to be smarter financially. My favorite part about WVNCC has to be the library (Weirton campus). The library staff use their resources and good attitudes everyday to make sure my assignments are mailed on time, printers and scanners are always working, and delivering words of encouragement. The ladies working the Weirton library earn a gold star for sure.
If I could change something about WVNCC, I would like the staplers in the computer lab to be restocked more often than they are now, to be honest.

There are many things that I have enjoyed about my experience so far at Northern. Firstly, I haven’t had a teacher that I dislike. They have all been effective communicators, patient, and helpful when it comes to a classroom setting. I also feel that all of [sic] employees work very hard giving [sic] limited resources.
Related imageI’ve had some major issues with blackboard itself. Almost every time I take a test it times out for no reason. I can navigate to other websites perfectly fine and have a relatively strong connection. Yet, when I take tests, the pages show up incredibly slowly and all eventually time out. Of course, the instructors don’t believe me when this happens, and I only have limited proof. This is beyond frustrating. As someone who understands web programming and how networks operate, why this is happening is beyond me.
The other thing that I would definitely like to improve on is [sic] main website. I feel it’s pretty messy.
[…] I think the most difficult thing for me is trying to figure out what classes work with my schedule as well as what classes I think I can handle. Some of the classes I thought would be easy have proven to be difficult and vice versa.That’s about the extent of the issues I’ve faced personally. I have heard complaints from students about not being able to get in touch with there advisors or their advisors not really providing them with much help. 

When I first started at WVNCC I was nervous and confused of what I needed to do to achieve my goals. After the first week, I felt things settling in and becoming easier to handle once I had the week one over with. My first semester was exciting, nervous, and breathe taking. It was a huge transition from high school to a college background. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I hung in there and fought through it with the help from the friendly kind staff and counselors. I was glad that I chose to attend northern for my first year and then give me the experience needed to take on the college that I will be transferring to in the fall. I enjoyed that the campus wasn’t too far from home and they were willing to help base my school around the days that was efficient for me. The full college experience has gave me enpowerment to accomplish my future career dreams and make a living in doing what I love.
[…]I agree [sic] on the website and that it needs to be a little more cleaned up and not as messy. When I first got there and I took my first online class I struggled because it seemed to be harder than the classes i had on campus, but once I got the hang of it, it seemed to be easier.

I am back in college after twenty two years away! WVNCC has been an incredible first step back into college life. Tammy, Jenna, and several others in admissions were very encouraging, informative, and patient with me as I scrambled to enroll in the midst of self doubts, family stress, and incomplete records since my previous education was from [sic]. My first semester I had Ben Fulton, Charles Rogerson, and Kathy Herrington and I thoroughly enjoyed all my classes. I put a lot of work into every subject, A&P was a gruelling volume of information, and English Comp. stretched my writing and expressive skills. This semester I took A&P II, microbiology and Speech, so two of the same teachers. It's exactly what I wanted from college, and my fear that my formerly sharp brain had turned into scrambled eggs after raising [sic] kids was quickly dispelled. What a relief to know my brain can still work the way it used to!

What I would change? Well, sometimes I felt in the minority as far as enthusiasm for learning amongst the students. I realise though maybe many students are going straight from high school to college and not getting a break in between. My first time in college I burned out after two years because I had not had a break after grammar school or taken time to really know what I wanted to do in life. This semester the workload has been a huge challenge and I considered dropping college completely a few times. I am trying to keep going and drop being perfectionist about my grades and know I am doing my best with difficult classes and a bunch of other transitions and stresses on top of college. Trying to be gentle with myself and not burn out!

My Wvncc experience has been good so far. My first year at West Virginia Northern is almost over. I have maintained good grades throughout my first year at this college. I am glad that I chose to further my education after high school here. I am hoping that I will graduate from here as a registered nurse (RN). Rumors say that this college is one of the best in the area to obtain such a degree. This class itself has helped me out a lot as well. I was able to learn how to navigate the student portal along with picking up some new educational tools to help me learn. I worried about this class when i was told it was required, because as a whole I just dislike online courses. I feel that they lack the grasping aspect you get in a classroom setting, but I was proven wrong. This class was actually very educational and helpful in my first year here at Wvncc. Thank all you guys for helping me along the way and I hope i was a help as well.

My first experience with WVNCC was in my senior year of high school because we took a college 101 class with an advisor from te Wheeling campus. I feel that this class helped me with getting my application right becasue they had already had an idea of how I worked and I already had a college credit from it. The application process overall was really easy to get done but I hadn’t heard anything after a week when school was starting in two weeks ( I had took a year off before and accidently enrolled late) so I went to the campus and they got me in really quick to check my application and I had accidently put March instead of May for my birthday. (oops!) I had gotten in with the advisor that taught me in high school ( who also happened to be a family friend) and she got me set up for classes and everything really quick that same day. My first semester was a lot harder than I thought it would be because I had taken a year off and wasn’t used to having to schedule class work aoround my life. This semester I’ve been doing a lot better because I learned from the things I may have done wrong last semester.
Some things that I would probably change about my experience is I probably would’ve started right after high school instead of waiting a year. What has been most difficult for me is because I’m doing online classes not procrastinating and actually making a set schedule to do things. I also had a little of a problem with my accounting class at first because it was so much different from high school math but I’ve gotten a little better this semster.

When I came to WVNCC and filled out the application I was nervous but excited at the same time everybody there staff and students were very nice and welcoming and make my first time being there a little less nervous than I was from the start. I have done so well this semster at WVNCC the teachers are really well and help out so much it helps me even more knowing my classes only have up to 12 kids in it and how the teachers help you one by one was what made me love this school even more. I wish i wuld have started earlier than i have but am excited that I did I wish I would have came into this school with a major so i dont have to sit here and think of what I want to do

My overall experience at WVNCC has been pretty good. The transition between high school to college was very easy and not as stressful. Being someone who does not find comfort in being put in a new enviroment with not knowing people, i have been able to adapt to the place and i also know my way around it. I have been also been able to make new friends with my class mates and gotten to know some of the facualty and staff. When i first arrived at WVNCC, i found it some what difficult with trying to find a rhythm but after  a week or so i was able to know my place. Being some one who has had to go to a few of the offices a couple of times during the firt semester for financial and course help, i was able to get what ever i needed to get done and was out of there fast. Even though WVNCC was not my first choice of college, i am still glad that i got to have the experience that i did get to have before i can further my education

When I first applied to Northern I was a senior in high school, I was applying because I didn't want to go to a big college and I wanted to stay at home.  I was nervous that I wouldn't be accepted but I did.  The application process was very simple and Ina helped me this any concerns that I had.  That's how all the teachers and staff are, if you are feeling lost and need help they are all willing to assist you.  That was very comforting being new to the whole college thing and not knowing how any of this worked.  Even with me being in the second semester at Northern the instructors are still very helpful.  Northern also is great because they help you get into the classes that you need for the schedule of your everyday life.  They helped me get all but one of my classes online this semester because I work everyday but Wednesdays.  I don' t know if there is necessarily anything I would change, however it is sometimes difficult to get lectures to load on the online courses and sometimes they just wont open period.  Other than that my experience with Northern has been pretty good.

WVNCC is a great school to start out at in my opinion. At registration, I already felt secure and content with where I was going. All the staff will drop anything they are doing to help a student and that is a lot different than in high school. I’ve grown close to some teachers and tutors. Everyone is just so helpful and nice and caring. My first semester was rocky because I took so many classes, but I talked to my counselor and she told me to drop just one for next semester and it will make a huge difference. She was right! I have extra time to really focus on the classes and not rush through them. The teachers at Northern have a simpler and more understanding way of giving lessons and information to students better than high school teachers. I’ve enjoyed coming to Northern since day one! Not much about the school has been challenging for me. The only thing I can think of is the computers or whiteboards not working in a classroom. Other than that, WVNCC has been great to me and I hope to all of you as well!

I was so excited to apply to go to WVNCC. When i got my acceptance letter the excitement only grew. My first year at WVNCC has been pretty amazing so far, i cant wait for my second year. i have made so many great friends this year, they have made my classes so much better to be in. I look forward to seeing them everyday. The only thing that has been challenging has been making time for everything that needs done in one day. Other than that, i have has an amazing time at northern.

Perception is real even when it is not reality. ~Edward de Bono

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