I Got the Fever

It’s a “thing,” Chickens…a real physiological condition. WebMD confirms it’s so…this time of year many of us are symptomatic…an energy surge, changing circadian rhythms, dilating retinas, hormones, restlessness, cravings for grilled corn and corn hole…

Spring is calling…it’s right there on the front “stoop,” as my grandmother would say.

Image result for spring fever

When I was an undergraduate, spring was the toughest time of year. When the first warm days snuck in, we piled into someone’s car and snuck out to Castleman’s (shout-out to any Bison out there…you know wat I’m talkin’ ’bout)…BIO- be damned! SPAN I- skipped.

While skipping classes isn’t something I recommend (do as I say, not as I did), I wouldn’t trade those warm Castleman’s afternoons for anything. I’ve learned much in classrooms over the years, but on that cool, damp ground, in the late afternoon sun, guitar or two being strummed and drummed, small fire sparking and smoking…I’ll swear it was osmosis.

Point is Chickens, I feel ‘ya. I know spending hours inside a classroom for lecture or your bedroom revising a research paper is harder than avoiding Trump headlines right now…but I also know you have the drive and discipline to do it. To finish this spring semester strong. Because in the scheme of things…in the big picture of this crazy world or even the scope of a human life…these next 4 weeks are low-hanging fruit.

I’m pretty average, Chickens (whatever ‘average’ is)…and I did it…(much to my parent’s surprise…but that’s another post)…finished a good many spring semesters (okay…so I  probably could have finished a little stronger a time or two…there was that ‘D’ in Stage Lighting)...but bottom-line is…I finished. I’m pretty sure everyone out at Castleman’s did.

And you can too.

POSTSCRIPT→Time to connect with your advisor to plan for fall...registration opens April 10 @ 1 pm. Get that taken care of right away…so as not to throw shade on any of your “Castleman’s-memories-in-the-making” this spring.Related image

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