A Turkey Sandwich, Pringles, and Diet Coke…

When I met my husband, this is one of many things I liked to razz him about …he had little more than these items in his kitchen and these were the only items he ever…ever ate for lunch.

Image result for free spirit
Image by: Allison Lee 

Thinking myself a free-spirit, a bohemian Holly Golightly-type, it seemed a dismal resignation to have the same thing for lunch… every day. Not me. Nope. Never.



Fast forward 15 years…

Greek yogurt, salad, almonds…again. As often happens in my house, guess who gets the last laugh?

…should’ve known. I mean, my husband’s a smart guy (if you tell him I said this…I will find you and I will find your buttons and I will make it my life’s work to push them…). It took me a few years longer to realize the importance of habit and routine. Ironically, it’s locking down these daily habits and routines that really free us up to roam.

If you read February’s OnTrack (humor me…), you know that we have to make a mind-boggling number of decisions every day…and each of us has a finite amount of intellectual energy, right?

So think of it like Beer Pong…you have only so many Solo cups of energy (you know, this varies from person to person, so knowing your personal cup arrangement and capacity is key)…and there are some 35,000 ping pong balls being thrown at them each day. Some of the balls are going to land…so that energy gets sucked up, right? In order to win (and make it to the concert…that you had to pay a right arm to get tickets for…that night) you’ve got to find ways to keep some beer in your cups!

Image result for beer pong
Totally, not me. Um. Nope.

Relying on daily habits and routines is an easy way to divert some of those tricky, plastic spheres. I mean, is it worth deliberating for an hour over what to have for lunch? Or is that energy better spent selecting the best approach to finish a project at work or help my son ace his next bio test…you feel me?

I mean…we’ve got to reserve and channel our energies toward those activities that yield the most significant results…the ‘big’ things that matter in life…those things that impact our success, our happiness, our health and wellness…

Related imageThe goal: to have a Solo cup or two upright at the end of every game. This way, we still have enough energy to set our spirits free…to fuel our dilettante spontaneity…much better to feast carte blanche ‘tween the Celadon and Andromeda some Saturday than get Chinese take-out on Tuesday, and…hmm…maybe Subway on Wednesday? And Thursday…well, I’m not sure…maybe…I should brown bag…or…

Hey. Oh yeah…speaking of OnTrack…the March issue will be out soon. Stay-tuned. Also…eyes peeled for the new “Weekly Update” student newsletter that will stitch up everything you need to know…from everyone at WVNCC…every week!

Let us know you’re still pecking, Chickens…

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