Several Points of Light

Listen up, Chickens…here’s the good news:

sunThe ASC Welcome Back Home event wrapped up last week…it was, as always, a great time and we were excited to see so many students, faculty, and staff. Congrats go out to our gift card winners:

Loretta Cruise & Jillian Cline

sunYou must check out our new “SchoolShelf” just loaded with resources designed to provide students (and significant others) with the latest tips for academic success, personal growth, and individual well being.

Any school is only as successful as its students, who are only as successful as their faculty, who are only as successful as their administration…and on it goes. So we’re vested in your success – we want successful graduates to tell colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family that WVNCC is the community in which their goals were inspired and achieved. 

So check out yet another tool we’re enthusiastically placing in your kit!


SchoolShelf: Digital Student Success Resources
click logo to access


sunOur 2nd “No Stigma Attached” Lunch ‘n’ Learn Series begins tomorrow with ‘Suicide Prevention’ speaker, R. Tim Bowman. Get your lunch’on at 11:45 a.m. and Mr. Bowman will begin his presentation, on this urgent topic, at noon in the B&O Auditorium.

sunANNNNNNNND…the ASC will be offering Open Labs for any and all students who are having ‘Blackboard blackouts’ or ‘technology trembles’ on Wednesday, September 20 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Keep in mind, you can stop into the ASC anytime with computer queries because we’re always here to answer FAQs…but we want to offer this special, special time, with fully staffed labs…our clicky-fingers poised to point you toward the cyber-light at the end of the semester.

We’ll talk again soon, Chickens. In the meantime, we will see you around.







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