You Can’t Be Serious?!?

Oh, but I am, Chickens. I. Am. Don’t get me wrong – I love to mmmmwwwwahahahahaha. Who doesn’t? The endorphin and serotonin rush…it’s biological…we’re made to LOL.

So why, you ask, why does everything seem so deadly solemn when school bells toll?

This question calls to mind two old adages in teaching:

  1. Never smile before Christmas. 
  2. It is better to be respected than liked.

Both of these, I think, speak to the gravity of learning. Our work, in education, is no laughing matter. As educators it’s our responsibility to set the tone…because students may not like our content, our requirements, the endless ways in which we seem like judge and jury, Inquisition and Conquistador…but it’s a heavy bag, amIright? To prepare the leaders, thinkers, builders, and caretakers of tomorrow.

So…ah-yeah-you-betcha…we’re pretty locked in. We care about:

blog cap…n’stuff.

So students…here’s the key to your success…as my mother always said, “Mind my words” (cue drumroll):

Take WVNCC seriously. Demonstrate in word, but more so in deed, that you care about your coursework, your learning, and your education.

Dig in. Don’t whine. Open your ears and eyes. Don’t make excuses. Stay calm. Stay-tuned.

We know your life may be busy and chaotic and unpredictable…often, ours are too. Alas! Such is being human, my Spring Chickens!

Image result for chicken crossing the roadBut if we can agree to be serious about our shared purpose…your education, your success, and our future…I’m confident we’ll share many laughs about ourselves, and all of the other Chickens, crossing the road.

I Got a Bag of Rocks…

Name that line, Chickens?! Can you name the show, a seasonal favorite, from whence this quote comes?

It’s a favorite in my house…anytime something is disappointing or uneventful…one of us will sigh, “I got a bag of rocks…”

Rocks indeed, Chickens! The universe is speaking to us…speaking in its mysterious, ubiquitous, rocky way…

If you haven’t heard her speaking or seen the signs…allow me to pass along the message:

happy rock

These most precious bits of cosmic rubble are appearing all over campus. If you’ve seen one, please post your sighting in the comments below.

For the first 9 or 10 years of his life, my son’s pockets, nightstand, and backpack were filled with all manner of organic quarry…they brought him more joy than any toy we purchased.

It is precisely this simplicity and mystery we neglect during times of transition…into school, out of school; into summer, out of summer; into one stage of our lives and out of another…but the big, beautiful universe is reminding us…our collective purpose is to be good and happy…whatever chaos you’re swimming in right now…when you look at rocks…rocks that weather centuries, rocks that smile, and rocks that…well…rock! Remember – good and happy – and the pursuit of finding out just what that means to you…the rest will come and will go.

Carry your bag of rocks with glee.

P.S. Where have I been Chickens??? I haven’t connected in awhile…summer’s had its way with me…but it is time to begin again.