Here is Some Good News, LS

There is good news Chickens…positive vibes galore regarding scholarship opportunities.

If you’re willing to put in a little time researching and writing…it could pay ‘UUUUGE dividends.

Image result for scholarship treeThere are more scholarships out there than eggs on a poultry farm…so you’ve got to find those that are best matched to your particular background, situation, and interests.

It’s actually pretty easy if you tune-in to a few wisely chosen resources. May I suggest:

  1. College Foundation of West Virginia – Tap into the Mountaineer network. Create an account (or not) and let our wild, wonderful state keep you abreast of scholarship opportunities (and a bunch more important education stuff)
  2. fastweb! – Super user-friendly…just set up your profile, choose your settings and fastweb will deliver scholarship opportunities directly to your inbox and even provide you with deadline reminders!
  3. Peterson’s – Filling out a very short survey allows you to adjust filters as you go, which gives you more control than sites that require extensive profiles to get started…and this site even has resources to help you write a winning scholarship essay.

Image result for minecraft chickensSo plan ahead…I even got my son’s attention when I mentioned the Minecraft Scholarship and the “You Deserve It” No Essay, 1 Minute Registration Scholarship.

And for those of you Chickens who like to keep it close to the coop, WVNCC scholarship applications are available!

One for you Chicks, you newbies, who just graduated from high school and for all of you, ahem, seasoned Chickens, all you hens and roosters out there…there’s one just for you!

So scratch out that scholarship essay now (if you get a solid draft working…it can be easier to adapt for different scholarship requirements – and remember – we’ve got tutors here all summer who can help with that!) and get to Googling S-C-H-O-L-A-R…

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