May the 4th Be With You…

Another class of Jedi (is Jedi a collective noun?) just completed their training…ahem…my FYS class is ending and I’d like to share the advice and experience of these successful students with those of you “coming up”…we all stand on the shoulders, right?

And…this student feedback keeps the force of assessment close at hand! After reading these comments…there will be no doubt the message is spreading, the rebellion is strong…WVNCC STUDENTS UNDERSTAND WHAT IT TAKES TO DEFEAT THE DARK SIDE!


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                                                                                    It IS working both ways!

…be sure you’re mentally prepared and that college is what you want to do. So many young adults are pressured into college by their parents without having any idea what they want to do with their lives. If you’re going to invest into your future, make sure you’re investing into the right thing. (AL)

When they [students] have problems, they should not be afraid just to ask their teachers. That’s what professors are there for.  Since a question exhibits a desire to learn, no question is ridiculous…(MK)

1.) Make sure you schedule everything as soon as possible. Classes fill up fast. so you don’t want to miss out on any classes you need.

2.) Take your placement test early summer and if you fail don’t be discouraged a lot of people do. Go to the tutoring center and take the classes you need to pass the placement test so you can start the fall off with that behind you. (DT)

NEVER ask if what you missed was important. Always assume that everything in your class is important. (TH)

Get involved with your school. Go to programs or join a club. Enjoy all the aspects that college has to offer. (CB)

3. Be early

Whenever possible: apply early, order books early, study early, read syllabus early… Whatever you can do, get to it as soon as possible. That helps so much. (BS)

Making connections with people can not only help you with your studies but it can also help you to relieve some stress. (RF)

Register like the day it opens. I registered late in the fall and had a super crap schedule. It was very difficult to work around.

Then there’s ego. There is ZERO shame in needing help. Not everyone understands the same stuff at the same speed. It’s better to ask for help when needed then to be asked why you weren’t mature enough to seek help when you’re failing and past the point of redemption. 

GO TO CLASS- ON TIME! Nothing tells a professor you don’t give a crap like not showing up or strolling in whenever it suits you. It’s disrespectful and rude not only to the professor but for people who want to get the most out of their class time, Sure, stuff happens. So plan for it. If it’s snowing, plan for bad roads. A piece of crap car, plan for alternate transportation. Internet outage/broken computer, don’t wait till the last second to do an assignment or go use the campus computers.  (CA)

My advice to new students would be to make sure to write any questions down before coming to your appointment. When planning on what classes you are going to take, if you do your homework before hand and know what you are interested in or even have a general plan, it will benefit you. Sitting down with a counselor who actually cares enough to listen to what you are interested in would be helpful also.(TL)

Sometimes it is really hard to ask for help.  I know it’s hard for me some of the time.  You don’t want to seem dumb to someone or be treated as if you’re dumb by asking for help.  But it’s alright to ask for help.  That what your professors are there for, to help you learn the material you need to know.  (AL)

Some advice I’d give to new students would be to register early to make sure they get the classes they want. I would also tell them to be involved and participate in events and things because they’ll make more friends and have fun. They should also know that it’s a good idea to take their grades and classes seriously because if they just skip all of their classes, they will just get way behind and it isn’t worth it. (HM)

Next, find out all you can about financial aid, scholarships, and student loans. Go to the financial aid office and get help and advice. (SP)

Plan your schedule ahead of time. Sit down and look at all of the activities and responsibilities you currently have in your life. How many days a week do you work? How much time can you dedicate to studying and homework? How many classes can you manage at one time? Then look at the classes that are offered and register early so you can get the classes you want to have without having major gaps or breaks between class times. (BL)

Specifically, make sure you register early, talk to your counselor; have everything straight and set up, and make sure as soon as you get your schedule get your books because they will be very helpful and a neccessity for sure! (HB)

Make sure you talk to your professors if you need help, trust me they won’t bite. (KG)

Also, when doing your work do not try to use big words you do not understand to try to impress your professors. (CL)

To all beginning students, it is a must to register for classes ASAP. 

Also apply for financial aid ASAP. (HC)

3. Get to class early, sometimes the teacher will give small hints to the early students. (MG)

Stay off your phone during class and truly pay attention  and learn, after all your paying for this education. (ZR)

Make sure you fully understand what you are reading and learning jsut because you get a good grade doesnt mean you understand what you just took in…(KK)

Don’t take out more [money/financial aid] than you need either, because that’s more money you’ll have to pay back. (AL)

If you feel like you do not have a reason to continue, just remember you are doing this for you. You are doing this to better yourself and your life. (RH)

Studying with someone always helps me commit things to memory quicker. (AK)

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