To have and to hold, from this day forward…

Image result for vintage brideSo I realized yesterday that I’ve remarried.

This will be news to my husband, but he needn’t be concerned…I’ve entered into the institution (doubling down) with this institution…WVNCC, I mean. So it’s not adulterous or polygamous to be married to a person and an inanimate thing, right?

After three or four years, I’ve come to realize that working for a college with multiple campuses requires a matrimony of sorts. Each campus has to be committed to the others. Each has to have the same values, the same philosophy about raising children, compatible views on budgeting, a shared vision for the future…and double sinks never hurt.

At the same time, each campus needs to have its own identity, its own hobbies, its own friends. Each campus needs to take care of itself…in order to be the best possible partner. I mean, my husband can tell me to exercise (please note: my husband should never tell me to exercise)…he can even buy me a maxi-climber and some fly new Under Armour HeatGear ankle crop yoga pants (that’s oddly specific, isn’t it…) but ultimately I need to do it myself, in the way that works best for me. The goal, and the underlying value, is the same…to be healthy and well…but if Under Armour HeatGear ankle crop yoga pants ($44.99 Amazon) don’t work for me (they do)…then I have to find my means to the same end.

So we are wed, Chickens, no matter where along the river your pecking ground. Aristotle claimed “the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts”…and when each part has an opportunity to develop its unique strengths, the whole becomes that much whol-ier.

I think I prefer Aristotle’s premise to Thomas Reid’s “a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link” because when the weak link breaks a chain…is it really broken? Nope. It’s just a shorter chain. Or two. A parting, yes. But not “until death”…quite the opposite really…a rebirth.Image result for weak link

So, what this means right now…is:

  1. Enter into wedlock wisely.

  2. Get registered for fall – ASAP.

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