Eat Your Frogs First

Image result for frogs drawingsHow often do you think about frogs? I mean, frogs are essential to the ecosystem… without frogs our waterways contaminate, dangerous insects proliferate, medical research stymies, a bioindicator disappears…

And in my learning strategies workshops, I share CollegeinfoGeek, Thomas Frank’s, recommendation to “eat your frogs first” when it comes to productivity…assess the time of day and environment in which your personal energy is greatest and do your most challenging or most dreaded tasks then. Geesh! Poor frogs?!? I mean they get a bad rap, amIright?

As the ASC prepares for the 7th in a series of eight stellar lunch ‘n’ learns focused on mental health…it occurs to me:

Mental Health:Human Physiology = Frogs:Ecosphere

(Take that defunct analogy section of the ACT!)

How often do we think about the state of our mental health? Probably only when it starts to croak, right? Yet it’s there all the time…just under the surface…keeping our system and our environment hinged. Just like every other facet of our being, it requires consistent awareness, attention, and maintenance. And mental health isn’t a concern limited to a “certain” group…oh no…concern for frogs is not limited to witches and royalty. We all…all (yep, you…and you too) need to care for our frogs.Related image

I mean we drag ourselves onto our treadmills, ellipticals and yoga mats right? We choke down lentils and kefir…but we don’t standardize and prioritize our mental-health-care much, do we? Maybe because it can lead us down some pretty dusky paths…force us into some “awkward-family-photos” territory…overwhelm us with the smell of formaldehyde.

But I know what you’re made of Chickens…I know you’re up for a challenge…I know you’re not skeered to ‘jump’ out of your comfort zones from time to time. As my colleague KS will tell you, mental health is a high maintenance dame. If you don’t treat her right – right now – she’ll turn on you until you can’t say your name and destiny takes your child. (Sorry…could not resist.)

Heed this warning, Chickens:

Save your frogs and eat them first!

You can start by attending the lunch ‘n’ learn this Thursday @ noon.

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