All Hail Ceasar

Image result for roman new yearWho knew we (sort of) have Julius Caesar to thank for the tradition of New Year’s resolutions?

Well, Caesar and that two-faced Roman god Janus…one face looking back and one gazing forward. It’s in this pagan spirit we show off our two faces each January and it is with this esprit de corps that I’ve shaped, for you, a list of resolutions.

No…no…no need to thank me, Chickens…I’m a giver (as part of my own resolutions)…giving is just what I do (until mid-month when my resolutions shrivel like mail-order fruitcake)…

Without further adieu…ahem…my list of New Year’s resolutions for you:

 1. Get healthy.

I know, totally lame…how cliche…but ya’ gotta do it, Chickens. So pull up your yoga pants and head down to CentreTown Fitness…’cause, um, yeah…you can work out there for FREE. GRATIS, Chickens!

I’ll be right there with ‘ya…paying for my sweet-tooth sins and emo-eating escapes…ahem…let me direct your attention to item #2 in this month’s edition of OnTrack highlighting successful habits…

Bottom line…no excuses.

2. Get serious.

And by this I mean…hic manebimus optime…to Northern you have come and at Northern you will stay until your coursework is complete and your degree is conferred.Despite. Any. Obstacle.

Despite. Any. Obstacle.

REPEAT: I am one with Northern and Northern is one with me. (see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story-Chirrut Imwe)

3. Get organized.

So yesterday, Chickens, I met with my son’s middle school dean…she reports that my son does not have any sense of, let alone system for, organization (you know…like I haven’t lived with him for 13 1/2 years)…any-who…if you haven’t yet…find your laser focus:

  • Write down notes/reminders immediately (don’t wait or they will go the way of parachute pants)
  • Make daily/weekly to-do lists
  • Simplify – find things to eliminate or forego while you’re in college (the Romans made sacrifices to Janus, after all…)
  • Pay attention to time – how long do things take, how much time is wasted, say ‘no,’ put a schedule in writing and stick to it, show up and, when necessary, leave on time

And if you’re in need of an ‘organizational support’…buzz me…I’ve got someone in mind.

4. Get real.

Life is hard sometimes…no doubt about it…but Chickens…there is also no doubt about the fact that the world doesn’t stop spinning. Sometimes we’ve got to manage loss and hurt and temptation and dislocation and chaos while we get up, buckle up, catch a ride…and let our work lend itself to balancing opportunity with obstacle. Let the ‘something’ that brought you here “put the beatdown” on the ‘something’ that’s trying to pull you away.

Education is the thing, Chickens. It is the real deal.


I do not wish to sit across from you this semester lamenting “Et tu, Brute.

So be two-faced… learn from your mistakes and envision your success. Don’t play fast and loose with possibility…

Related imageLet me add that raucous parties were also paramount to the Roman new year…like… partizzles spilling from one week into the next…who says history is boring???

You’re welcome.

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