We Are One (me&you, in a little canoe…)

Tis’ the season of anticipation, Chickens. So let me set the stage for nirvana (a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place)…

Tuesday, December 13 StressLessFest continues (11-2) as we transform the ASC computer lab into a Zen~Den…

Plan to take 5…or 25 to unwind and let your brain return to a state of repose during the hectic, finals week. We’ll even have puppies to pet…puppies of the best kind…no food, water or walks required, no slobbering, shedding or barking…

And let’s not forget our featured StressLessFest support service…

It is good to be a Thundering Chicken!

We’ll see you here next week, fine-feathered friends. Until then…


Holler Back Ya'll

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