It’s All Fun & Games…

No really…that’s all…just fun and games…no one gets hurt.

So you have to see our trimmed tree after yesterday’s PAR*TEE. We are still googley-eyed over it.

Many happy, merry thanks to all of you Chickens who made our tree magnificent!

Our annual StressLessFest continues today with PRE-school fun & games (11-2 ASC).

Ahhhhh...simpler times…remember the days of naps and snacks and just ‘playing’ house?

Remember when your parents warned… “Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up…enjoy these days because before you know it…” blah-blah…OMG…parents right…again. (sigh) Should you still be in doubt→it is true→we all turn into our parents.

Well today…you have our permission to regress…travel back to eenie-meenie-miney-moe-bubble-gum-bubble-gum-in-a-dish…when dandelion wishes and unicorn dreams made every day a celebration! Stress…what’s that?

Holler Back Ya'll

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