Some of you Chickens remember Cheers, right?!? We’re dating ourselves, aren’t we?

Cheers… “where everybody knows your name?” Well, cheer up, Chickens because today 1/2 of the ASC (room-wise) is reminding you that we’re a place “where everyone is glad they came.”

For the final day of our annual StressLessFest, we’d like to invite you to our maaaaarvelous mocktail party….11 am – 2 pm today.

Sometimes it’s the informality of talking over a beer…ahem…I mean glass of sparkling cider…where crucial conversations really begin, amIright? You know what I mean by crucial conversations? Those where the stakes are high, opinions are varied, and emotions run strong∗…

I’ve mentioned before I’m not much for small talk…but man do I love a crucial conversation…and I’ve had some great ones over a vodka martini…ahem…I mean…um… Shirley Temple.

Being able to let your guard down, being able to disagree and debate…even argue…not for the sake of winning but for the sake of searching…for perspective, for growth, for intimacy…I mean it is an ultimate level of trust, respect and admiration to engage with folks at that level without fear of hostility or rejection. And, Chickens, not to get all preachy-weird or anything…but I feel like it’s often through these relationships…that allow for crucial conversations…where our greatest learning and personal growth occur.

And we need more of these relationships, Chickens, we all do. More crucial conversations…to balance our penchant for superficial sound bites, hashtags, and gossipy headlines.

If you haven’t sent that letter to Santa yet…consider:

Dear Santa Claus,

I’d really like to develop some great relationships, Santa. Those kind where I can have exciting crucial conversations…you know, those kind where your brain lights up and you get so excited you feel like you can take on the world and you’re discovering all kinds of secrets about life and becoming a more fully realized human being, like, sitting atop Maslow’s Hierarchy and all that stuff.

Because Santa…we need more intimacy and trust in the world…with our families and colleagues and friends and neighbors. I’m sure you get it Santa, because I’m sure you and the elves and reindeer spend many nights engaged in crucial conversations over hot toddies…I mean hot chocolate…and I’m sure, like, at the end of the day, the North Pole is the epitome of superlative corporate culture and progressive, entrepreneurial incubation…I mean talk about a customer-driven business model…the attention to customer feedback in unparalleled. 

Come to think of it, I’m really surprised I haven’t caught you as a keynote at a conference…I’m sure, summertime at least, would be a pretty good time for you to be on the conference circuit.

Anyway…the thing is…sometimes all it takes to help move these relationships along is, you know, a drink…so if you’d leave a few bottles under the tree…you know…whatever you, the elves and the Misses enjoy would be fine with me.



Anyway…stop by today for a mocktail…we’ll leave some paper out on the “bar” if you’d like to draft a Dear Santa letter while you’re here…

Crucial Conversations, Kerry Patterson,


You need a little calm Chickens…you’ve earned it.

So today between 11 am – 3:30 pm we have two masseuses here who can melt your worries away with 5-minute chair massage.

Then have a seat, grab some granola and unblock your chakras with some meditative coloring…

And don’t let your moment be ruined by having to wait or losing your flow…you can schedule a particular time for your massage by calling 304.214.8923 or email us and Jacqui will get you the hookup with Nikki or Megan.

Life is good, so let it be.

We Are One (me&you, in a little canoe…)

Tis’ the season of anticipation, Chickens. So let me set the stage for nirvana (a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place)…

Tuesday, December 13 StressLessFest continues (11-2) as we transform the ASC computer lab into a Zen~Den…

Plan to take 5…or 25 to unwind and let your brain return to a state of repose during the hectic, finals week. We’ll even have puppies to pet…puppies of the best kind…no food, water or walks required, no slobbering, shedding or barking…

And let’s not forget our featured StressLessFest support service…

It is good to be a Thundering Chicken!

We’ll see you here next week, fine-feathered friends. Until then…


It’s All Fun & Games…

No really…that’s all…just fun and games…no one gets hurt.

So you have to see our trimmed tree after yesterday’s PAR*TEE. We are still googley-eyed over it.

Many happy, merry thanks to all of you Chickens who made our tree magnificent!

Our annual StressLessFest continues today with PRE-school fun & games (11-2 ASC).

Ahhhhh...simpler times…remember the days of naps and snacks and just ‘playing’ house?

Remember when your parents warned… “Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up…enjoy these days because before you know it…” blah-blah…OMG…parents right…again. (sigh) Should you still be in doubt→it is true→we all turn into our parents.

Well today…you have our permission to regress…travel back to eenie-meenie-miney-moe-bubble-gum-bubble-gum-in-a-dish…when dandelion wishes and unicorn dreams made every day a celebration! Stress…what’s that?

TrimOurTree Par-tee

Stress Less Fest is officially underway Chickens! Today is our tree trimming party…grab a cookie, some cocoa and lose yourself in some Christmas creativity… ‘get your ohm on’ while you fashion an ornamental chicken for the ASC tree…



C’mon gang…we need your help! Show our tree what this season is all about!!Image result for peanuts gang tree