He just needed to pull down his pants …

If you follow football at all, you know Aaron Rodgers has been taking a beating, so when he disappeared into a tent on the sideline for a moment during Monday night’s game…the social media stratosphere ignited with malicious joy…schadenfreude…for an electric interval many of us became playwrights, casting a battered Rodgers as the storybook villain (or hero) in an epic saga…one entirely of our own making…with almost no facts, evidence or experience in the matter…but ample imagination…no matter what sociologists, academicians or cultural pundits may try to make us believe…our hunger for invention and fiction is, I think, acute and in tact.

Image result for schadenfreude

I am definitely not pointing fingers here, Chickens, we are all players from time to time in this perverse game…

But, per the usual, the truth is ultra-dull and mundane…he just needed to drop his pants and wrap a hammy. BLAH! BLECK! Where is the drama? The climax? The catharsis? The self-satisfaction? The ego stroke? in that?

Image result for caged birdI mean, I used to fancy myself something of an escape artist, if I do say so myself…it’s natural, I think. Life can get pretty tough or pretty dull and oh how sneaky are stress and stagnation…but the rules to the escape game are really complex. I mean…how to find our healthy escapes…those that don’t harm, humiliate or dehumanize others…or ourselves.

So it’s a stressful time, Chickens…a stressful time at the end of the fall 2016 semester, well, year for that matter. And as we do here in the ASC…we’re supporting you…at this time of year… supporting your need for constructive escapes…

Our 2nd annual Stress Less Fest will soon begin…we’ll be sending out the details soon. So stay tuned, Chickens, stay tuned …and stay on the sunny side of the street!

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