How Could You???

Dear Chickens,

How could you?!?! I mean, I’m one of you. We’re in this coop together. I mean…look at this face:


Do I look like a bird who needs anymore stress in my life? Yet…you took liberties, compatriots! You put words in my mouth! Words I didn’t even understand. I want you to know…I’m brooding. I mean…my hackles are still up…

You haf’ta know I’m here for you Chickens…and I’m not one to raise a ‘cluck’ out of turn…but you need to know this ruffled my feathers…it actually blocked my wattles for awhile.

In the immortal words of Colonel Sanders, Don’t be against things so much as for things.

I’m for things…I’m for you…we’re chums, buddies…we go together like bangers & eggs. I crow for you! So please don’t try to be foxy. I mean, no one likes fowl who play those kind of rooster games.

And…you’d rather put socks on a banty rooster than get on my bad side! I mean, there’s no one here but us Chickens…let’s fly right friends!

Take it easy, chics & bros…chicken fingers to yourself,




Holler Back Ya'll

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