Two fingers is the sign for a curveball…

curveballDid you know that, Chickens? I didn’t…until today when one came flying across home plate.

I swung. And it was a big, fat strike.

Such is the game of life, my fine-feathered friends. And what kind of retention coordinator would I be if I didn’t use my strike as an opportunity to persist?

Summer is so last week, though. So…let’s talk football…are you Steelers fans Chickens? If so, you know the sleek, bolt-of-lighting with the best hands in the game …AB …amIright? So if you watched the Steelers remind Burfict of his manners on Sunday…you know…AB dropped. A couple. Right in the numbers!

In an interview I heard him asked, point-blank, about his lackluster performance…and he replied: You know, I can always get better. I can always learn from my mistakes. That’s all.

All that hype, all that pressure must be tough…AB kept it classy…and on point.

Have you had a curveball yet this semester? How’ya averaging?

So the strikes’ll rack up, Chickens….doesn’t mean you’re out. There’s always another at bat…lots of plays and games and teams and fields…and lots of room to monopolypractice and learn. There is joy in Mudville, Chickens!

So even when we’re stuck on Mediterranean Avenue…no houses, hotels…39 long blocks from passing “GO”…we will roll again.

I’m going to do it with you Chickens! Because we are here. Together.

That’s all.

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