Mi Casa Es Tu Casa…Los Pollos

open-house-cardThat’s right, Chickens, you’ll want to swing by the ASC once, twice, three… even four times during our Open House week. This week, Monday through Thursday, we are rolling out the red carpet for you… stop by to meets’n’greets, grab a freebie, snag a snack…’cause Image result for 70s flowersthis is how we roll…HBB…keeping you informed, motivated and prepared…TLGO.

OBTW, can you tell I’ve been studying ‘textspeak’ because I don’t want to be TOTS OOT…or maybe I do¿

A study in the April issue of Pediatrics…posits there is a “new phenomenon” known as “Facebook Depression,” in which kids [and people in general] can become depressed when they compare such metrics as their number of “friends” and “status updates” to those of their peers.


Two behavioral researchers have confirmed what anyone who has ever Facebook-stalked someone at 1 a.m. already knows: The longer you’re on Facebook, the worse you feel.

And it’s not just Facebook…it’s Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, MeetMe, ooVoo…and TDM others to even mention.

Social media mImage result for scared of technologyakes me curl up, fetus-like, in a dark corner…TFDS.

So this week…show us your actual face…your baby blues…say ‘hey’…like with your mouth…not your fingers.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s weird to totally walk into the ASC and be like…’hey’…AIH…trust me, we are a bunch of ACORNS and we won’t think anything of it. You can AMA us, because we’ve BTDTGTS and we totally DJM…or anyone.

I mean…I’m doing my best to conquer the FUD I feel for ‘textspeak,’ so DTRT and stop by…Image result for 70s flowers

***In honor of our Open House…this week a special P & C opportunity just for my CSA subscribers…if you come to the Open House this week with a list of every text acronym I’ve used in this post and its meaning (correctly)…CTO…you will win a totally cool ‘major award!’



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