Just checking in, Chickens, to make sure you’re settling in. Momentum is on your side right now…the band is playing, the BBQ is bold, your books have been bought…ride this wave toward mid-term.

…need to remind you of a couple of things (at my house everyone roles their eyes when I start to outline…so go ahead…I won’t be offended):

  1. CHECK YOUR EMAIL. EVERYDAY CHICKENS…GEESH LET’S PUT THIS TO BED.Image result for just do it ben stiller meme
  2. Adding to the ‘semester-starting’ mojo are tons of awesome events (many replete with food and prizes)…so take advantage of as many as you can. Do this…and you will be awash in good karma…not to mention well-fed and geared-up!
  3. Speaking of consequences…did you know that you can totally workout at CentreTown Fitness for FREE. You’re reading me right…gratis. And this, Chickens, balances our chakras. We are strengthening our minds and bodies…heading straight for nirvana. Is that teen spirit I smell??? (Note: If you run into me at CentreTown…it will not be teen spirit you smell…).
  5. Know that it is normal to feel overwhelmed…you are not alone. We all do from time-to-time. Heck, I’ve been through a whole, whole bunch of fall semesters as student, faculty, staff and mom…but this morning around 11 a.m. JK had to tell me my shirt was on inside-out…and that’s after I’d done a full-mirror once over on my way out the door!

It is good to feather one’s nest. You are set to profit fromImage result for feather the nest your Northern venture, Chickens. Remember that.

Should you forget…I will be here to remind you.



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