Two fingers is the sign for a curveball…

curveballDid you know that, Chickens? I didn’t…until today when one came flying across home plate.

I swung. And it was a big, fat strike.

Such is the game of life, my fine-feathered friends. And what kind of retention coordinator would I be if I didn’t use my strike as an opportunity to persist?

Summer is so last week, though. So…let’s talk football…are you Steelers fans Chickens? If so, you know the sleek, bolt-of-lighting with the best hands in the game …AB …amIright? So if you watched the Steelers remind Burfict of his manners on Sunday…you know…AB dropped. A couple. Right in the numbers!

In an interview I heard him asked, point-blank, about his lackluster performance…and he replied: You know, I can always get better. I can always learn from my mistakes. That’s all.

All that hype, all that pressure must be tough…AB kept it classy…and on point.

Have you had a curveball yet this semester? How’ya averaging?

So the strikes’ll rack up, Chickens….doesn’t mean you’re out. There’s always another at bat…lots of plays and games and teams and fields…and lots of room to monopolypractice and learn. There is joy in Mudville, Chickens!

So even when we’re stuck on Mediterranean Avenue…no houses, hotels…39 long blocks from passing “GO”…we will roll again.

I’m going to do it with you Chickens! Because we are here. Together.

That’s all.

C’mon Over for Dinner…

So if I invited you over for dinner…what time would you come?Image result for dinner time

What time is dinner? WHAT TIME IS IT?

5:00 p.m.? I’m not even home from work at 5 p.m.

6:00 p.m.? …if you’re sitting down with my father, who takes his medication religiously…perfect!

8:00 p.m. …after a game of bridge…if you’re dining with my mother-in-law…yep.

4:00 p.m….for me, is the latest I want to eat any meal larger than Lucky Charms.

So this was such a trick question…there is no “right ” time for dinner. But, when I asked you, I bet a specific time came to mind, didn’t it? I’ve heard otherwise rational, intelligent people argue over the “right” time for dinner…and let’s not even bring the dinner vs. supper controversy into this equation.

We are creatures of habit, after all…so it’s not surprising we become so accustomed to a certain behavior or attitude that we come to think of it as “right.” In rhetorical discourse, we might call these “inherited opinions”…(i.e. my mother put dinner on the table at x’o’clock, so it is “right” to put dinner on the table at x’o’clock.) Right?

So when putting food on the table became my responsibility…I tried hard to make dinner happen like it was “supposed to”…and when things didn’t work out like they were “supposed to,” I beat myself to an emotional pulp…

Until finally, (cue ethereal music & heavenly beam) I climbed out of that slippery-slopey, esteem-sucking, time-wasting, toxic “supposed-to” pit…and I have to tell you, Chickens, when you shake it off, shake, shake it off (Heeeeey Tay-Tay)…ahem…“supposed to” I mean…the world hangs out its OPEN sign…
Image result for open sign

Just ask the reigning (okay…so it was the first contest…he’ll hold the title for a year) Chuck-a-Duck Champion from our OPEN HOUSE last week…Randy is not about “supposed to’s” …you cannot carry a champion’s title and be weighted down with those…ah’no’thank’ya…

ASC Support Coach, Shawna Littell, celebrates with reigning Chuck-a-Duck Champion, Randy Donahue, who will be enjoying his Barnes & Noble gift card, no “supposed to’s” attached.



The Circus is in Town…

That’s right Chickens…we’re wrapping up our Open House week “under the big top”…

Preparations are underway…

Chuck that duck, Chicken!
Courtney is an honorary member of the ASC team!


Games, prizes and dogs…between 10 am – 2 pm today.

You can “chuck-a-duck” for a chance to win a B & N gift card or ring’around the croc for bragging rights!

The only thing missing is a pig on a spit…

And next year…that may happen!

ASC Open House continues today with our ultra-cool, uber-calm luau theme…

Here in the ASC, Chickens, we don’t do theme work half-way…just ask my island-chic mentee Dakotah…

Our limbo stick is poised and ready…how low can you go?

Come experience the ASC state-of-mind…

Image result for hot dogs

And don’t forget tomorrow, Chickens…tomorrow…GAME IS ON…you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate your Olympic caliber prowess by engaging with us in a series of vigorous athletic contests…bring your pads…

…and don’t say you haven’t been warned!



オープンハウス Ōpunhausu

Today is take-out Tuesday, Chickens…


Be sure to check-us out during our Open House.In keeping with today’s theme…I’d like to share the following information that I learned to have something to share to keep with today’s theme:

Tadaima and okaeri are two of the most common Japanese greetings…the order in which they are said is not important. These words are exchanged when a family member comes home…they are greetings of warmth and welcome.

It would be like, when you visit our Open House, you’d say “Here I am! I’m home!” and we would be like “Thank God you are home…you have been out in the crazy, chaotic, unpredictable world but you have made it back, safely, to us…yay!”

And that is how we feel when you come to our house…


Mi Casa Es Tu Casa…Los Pollos

open-house-cardThat’s right, Chickens, you’ll want to swing by the ASC once, twice, three… even four times during our Open House week. This week, Monday through Thursday, we are rolling out the red carpet for you… stop by to meets’n’greets, grab a freebie, snag a snack…’cause Image result for 70s flowersthis is how we roll…HBB…keeping you informed, motivated and prepared…TLGO.

OBTW, can you tell I’ve been studying ‘textspeak’ because I don’t want to be TOTS OOT…or maybe I do¿

A study in the April issue of Pediatrics…posits there is a “new phenomenon” known as “Facebook Depression,” in which kids [and people in general] can become depressed when they compare such metrics as their number of “friends” and “status updates” to those of their peers.


Two behavioral researchers have confirmed what anyone who has ever Facebook-stalked someone at 1 a.m. already knows: The longer you’re on Facebook, the worse you feel.

And it’s not just Facebook…it’s Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, MeetMe, ooVoo…and TDM others to even mention.

Social media mImage result for scared of technologyakes me curl up, fetus-like, in a dark corner…TFDS.

So this week…show us your actual face…your baby blues…say ‘hey’…like with your mouth…not your fingers.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s weird to totally walk into the ASC and be like…’hey’…AIH…trust me, we are a bunch of ACORNS and we won’t think anything of it. You can AMA us, because we’ve BTDTGTS and we totally DJM…or anyone.

I mean…I’m doing my best to conquer the FUD I feel for ‘textspeak,’ so DTRT and stop by…Image result for 70s flowers

***In honor of our Open House…this week a special P & C opportunity just for my CSA subscribers…if you come to the Open House this week with a list of every text acronym I’ve used in this post and its meaning (correctly)…CTO…you will win a totally cool ‘major award!’