Tennis Anyone?

Chickens: It’s been awhile and I apologize…so here we are at graduation and I cannot let this important occasion pass without proper pomp and circumstance…so to you, graduating Chickens, I offer my dropshot commencement cliché:

Other than whacking an old wooden racket around on the local playground as a kid, I have no experience with the game of tennis.

Fun Fact: Love is thought to be derived from the French term l’oeuf meaning ‘the egg.’

But it seems like a fine game, doesn’t it?

I feel like I understand tennis…like tennis and me are simpatico…even though I’ve never really played tennis…it’s kind of like we’re all playing tennis…all the time (go deep…go deep) with a few minor variations.

Instead of having one opponent volleying for our return…we have a bunch…colleagues, classmates, bosses, spouses, kids, neighbors, politicians, dog food companies, big box stores, stink bugs, now locusts…all zapping fuzzy yellow spheres at us – waiting.

I mean it’s a game of endurance, tennis, right? We’re bound to miss some shots, sail others out-of-bounds, get cranked in the head by an angry backhand now and then…but the important thing is not to let up on the return…

Fun Fact: Spock and Captain Kirk were frenemies…apparently, they both had McEnroe-esque egos…

It’s hard to play with someone who just lets serves pile up ta’half court until hemmed in and buried by Dacron globs (e.g. The Trouble with Tribbles…)…or only returns
every other serve on the third Tuesday  of each month. It feels lousy, doesn’t it, to keep serving and serving with no return…

There’s something sublime and mesmerizing about tennis…the balance, the give-n-take, the singular focus, the grunting (yes, it’s a legitimate tennis term)…

So Chickens…this summer…I encourage you to take up tennis. Watch for those rubbery yellow orbs…they’re all around you…exercise your best strokes…find your sweet spot…maintain your grip and stance…remember: advantage is something that comes and goes…follow through…and rally, rally, rally…


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