OMG! I’m a CAVE Woman?!?!

Yep…this week…I was forced to look in the mirror after being introduced to yet another droll acronym:

bird in mouth.bmpCAVE = Citizens Against Virtually Everything

Caught bird-in-mouth…I’m a cynic.

I admire positive people…genuinely positive people. I do. I mean, it’s the hardest work to cultivate and maintain a sunny disposition. Even Pollyanna had a temporary lapse.

Cynicism is, by definition, being distrustful of human nature and motives…it implies doubt, caution, a desire to protect oneself. All of this, I suppose, does ring of “Debbie-Downer-ness.”

But…just hear me out…but…I’d like to suggest that Pollyanna and Debbie need each other…BFF-like. And…and…I’d like to plead with Pollyannas everywhere to offer patience and prayer for all of us Debbies.

Remember, it is as George Carlin said, “Inside every cynical person, is a disappointed idealist.”  We’re just not as strong as you Pollyanna! We are, I suggest, a sensitive lot…

And cynicism, after all, is pragmatic, is it not? I mean just turn on the television, walk down the street…consider Donald Trump is the leading GOP Presidential Candidate (generally, I steer clear of politics…but, c’mon…)

Where would we be without a healthy dose of Debbie, chickens? Feet firmly on the ground…head in the clouds…Pollyanna and Debbie balance the scales.

Did you know teeter-totters have been banned as “unsafe”??? I mean…really??? Geesh, kids, you have to be smarter than the equipment…oops…there I go again!!!

So…this is my cry for help Pollyanna…I need your wisdom…I need you to spill the jellybeans. How do you do it? Huh, how?

I’ll be searching the comments, Pollyannas. Please…don’t disappoint me?!?

One thought on “OMG! I’m a CAVE Woman?!?!

  1. The mere appearance of Donald Trump is a valid reason for total cynicism. And, as a species, humans are all “off,” self included. Oh, wait, no, I’m the perfect specimen.


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