Today’s Word of the Day Is…

Esprit de Corps

I came across this term recently, Chickens…it was familiar..but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the meaning…so I looked it up. That’s right Chickens…looked it up in my old, ratty American Heritage Dictionary…the one I used when I was younger to make up word games when I was bored (Yes, I had friends)…so this wonderful French term means:

the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for…the group

What a sublime word!

Believe, Chickens, that the world is full of synchronicity and serendipity (No, I am not playing one of those stupid dictionary games right now)…this word came back to me just as SPIRIT of the CHICKEN Week flies in…

Speaking of fowl…let’s clear this up right now:

According to conventional wisdom (AKA message boards):

“Chicken” is the term used for the general species – as a whole.

“Hen” is a female chicken…a young female chicken is called a pullet.

“Rooster” is a male chicken…a young male chicken is called a cockerel.

“Chicken” and “chick” can be used for either gender.

Ugh… leaves a bad taste, I know…

And according to more common badinage (10¢):

All of them taste good…


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