And All Is Right With the World…

Okay…that’s a stretch…

But I had a ‘moment’ this morning  when I walked into the 2nd floor restroom of the B & O, turned on the sink and water poured out of the faucet…warm…I tell you…it was warm! And…hold on to your toque…it drained!!!!

So the ASC sends out a big cluck to Dave Monteleone who has given us warmth and water!  (If you were anywhere near the 2nd floor of the B & O, you probably heard my “shout out” to Dave this morning…)

It feels good, doesn’t it…to walk into a place that looks good…vibrant, cared for…where things work and appear to have a home? Environment, too, creates energy Chickens. And we have some control over it, don’t we…you and me…so let’s keep our environment buzzing, Chickens!

As if you needed another reason to believe that Northern is a smart place to be…check this out, Chickens:Tuition savings

I mean…even Wally ‘nose’ it’s “all about the Benjamins, baby!


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