Get in the Game…

Chickens, if you’ve spent any time with us in the ASC, you know we’re big gamers…old school gamers. We love Pictionary, trivia, Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity (note: not a family game)…

So this Chickens…
Draw Something.jpg

is the coolest student activity ever! I am sooooooooooo jealous…I may even have to take my lunch hour some Monday to get my game on. Fair warning – I am the ugliest of competitors –  ask any of my ASC colleagues.

Are You Willing to Roll the Dice?

Paul Aker, a Houston man just took a losing turn when he was arrested by US Marshalls for failure to pay back a student loan from…like…30-years ago. So get your head in the game Chickens…the last thing you want are US Marshalls beating down your door one morning while your throwing back your cornflakes because you didn’t make that final loan payment…I mean, how do you explain that to your kids?

Remember Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics (don’t ask Chickens…I cannot explain from whence this sudden interest in physics has come):

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects.

Every action, ugh, I mean that’s weighty stuff, right? It makes the muffin on my desk right
now so fraught with introspection…

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