Coffee Squawk w/ Daryl

Today’s post is the third in the Coffee Squawk series, featuring one member of our Thundering Chicken clutch …in an effort to understand: Who are we chickens? Who are we?
Try to understand men. If you understand each other you will be kind to each other. Knowing a man well never leads to hate and almost always leads to love. ~John Steinbeck

Thundering Chicken: Daryl Lee Zaiiden-Williams, Criminal Justice Daryl

Roost: Wheeling / Carnegie

Hatched How?: Daryl’s started fresh a few times…he originally applied to WVNCC about 8 years ago…but was a little uncertain about what to study (we’re all feelin’ that, amIright?) and, at the last minute, life intervened and “I ended up at Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado. I mean, I’ve tried a lot of colleges…” Pay attention, Chickens, Daryl is a good guy to know…’cause he can do a lot of stuff. After high school, he started out studying Veterinary Technology online, he studied French cuisine for a year at a culinary school in California, gave Business Studies a shot, worked some odd jobs…but landed here after leaving Denver and came back to WVNCC specifically for an Associate’s Degree…in Criminal Justice. 

“I like CJ because it’s not the same thing every day…I’m looking for a little risk and excitement.” Right now, he has 3 ideas in mind: detective work, bail bondsman or forensics (see below).

The Sky Was Falling: Daryl speaks about overcoming self-doubt and feelings of “not being smart enough” to get a college degree. He intimated those feelings come from his childhood…but he smiles when he says “I’ve forgiven, put the past behind me and I’m moving forward!” (Can I get a go’head?!? We’ve all felt the sky fall a time or two, amIright?)

Chicken Feed: “Don’t settle. Explore. Find something your passionate about.” 

Flying the Coop: Daryl may decide to go on and complete his Bachelors…he knows   Forensics will require him to continue his education.

Something to Crow About: “WVNCC is a good school. And the *ASC is an amazing place…with good people…I mean, the tutors…I’ve had a really positive experience here.”

*No money changed hands to generate this response, hawkeye!


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