Wally Did Whoopsie!

You remember my puppy, Wally, right? Wally with a growth mindset…Wally who doesn’t need Carol Dweck.

Well, Wally is pretty much a genius…he was house-broken almost overnight. But this
morning (early this morning)…he had a Whoopsie.

Picture it…my husband is screaming, “Oh my God, it’s everywhere…”, my son is getting out of bed, “I told you not to get another dog…”, I’m slogging out of the shower, “What? What happened?”

What happened next is what always happens next…at home, at work…and it has absolutely nothing to do with what’s actually happened. It sounded like this:

  • Me: You didn’t have him out long enough…
  • Him: I take him out every morning…I do this every morning…don’t tell me…
  • Me: I take him out all the time….I know what he does…he has to pace before…
  • Him: I’m telling you he wasn’t interested…you’re usually not even up when…
  • Me: He acts that way, but if you redirect him and walk back’n’forth, you have to be patient…
  • Him: I don’t have time to…ugh, it’s everywhere
  • Me: Don’t act like I don’t take care of…ugh, it’s everywhere…
  • Son: Well, don’t yell at me!

Q: What was happening?


We immediately blamed each other…trying to prove ourselves “right” about why this Whoopsie occured…

A power struggle didn’t clean up the Whoopsie (the room, really, of Whoopsie…I don’t know if you’ve ever had a ‘big’ puppy, but…) actually…it probably slowed it down. Nor did a power struggle effectively problem solve to prevent future Whoopsies. What a whoopin’ waste of time…and I don’t know about you…but the older I get the more stingy I become with how I want to spend my time and energy.

Maybe I could help out a little more in the early morning. Maybe my husband could be more patient. Bottom line: working together, sharing our resources, focusing on complementary tasks…the job got done more efficiently and the room is cleanier than it was pre-Whoopsie.

And I mean, that’s what we want isn’t it? I can’t speak for you, but that’s what I want…a house where I don’t worry about who will be attacked when Wally goes Whoopsie, a house where things get done, and done well...a house where everyone is accountable, everyone pitches in, everyone makes mistakes…where I agree to get up earlier and he agrees to be more patient…where Wally and my son don’t suffer the consequences of our silly struggle.

Every house has Whoopsie. But with the right people and the right frame of mind…you can deal with any Whoopsie that comes your way…

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