You guys up for a toga party?

Okay…so it’s not Animal Houseum…good thing. But WVNCC knows how to party…

LAN Party that is! Next Friday, February 12 you can ‘get your game on‘ all night long…I mean with V-day that same weekend…how romantic can you get??? Bring your ‘BAE’ for an all-nighter with Call of Duty or GTA or build your better half the house of his/her dreams in Minecraft…and remember to pack your picnic kit…it’s BYOF&B (…food & beverage)…non-alchoholic please. (I told you, Bluto, this isn’t Animal House…) But if you want to wear a toga…I mean…cosplay all the way…for the LAN lowdown, contact:  Jeremy Doolin (Computer Club Advisor) at

cheyanne f
My Awesome-Sauce mentee, Cheyanne Fitzpatrick, says, “Carpe Diem, chickens, Carpe Diem!”

WVNCC is a sweet place to be…just check out my mentee, Cheyanne Fitzpatrick, enjoying some of the hot stuff at Student Activities recent Cocoa-Day…

Don’t let it pass you by, chickens, get out there and DO…

Did you know there are approximately *8,019,320 community college students nationwide? And about 26,883 community college students in WV? Think fast (there’s a quiz) what’re our takeaways?

  1. You are not alone.
  2. Don’t be afraid to stand out.



*American Association of Community Colleges, 2015

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