FREE Cocoa (pronounced Ca-Cow by the cool kids)…Sign Me Up

And the true beauty of it is…you don’t have to sign up, login, get stamped, answer security questions…nope, you just have to show-up. And I mean…if we’re keeping things real, this is rare…because showing up is not half the battle.

But tomorrow (that’s Wednesday, January 27) all you have to do to snag your FREE “ca-cow” (yes, we could turn this in to some kind of chicken calling contest) is show up in the Student Union after 9:30 a.m.

So chickens…there may be a few flakes tonight and the temperature is going to soar to 33º tomorrow…with a “RealFeel” of 25º…so you will want to get your ohhhs and ahhhs on by warming up the old tum-tum with some toasty “ca-cow.” And I have to say the Student Activities folks know how to do things up right…we’re talking Starbucks …no watery, powdery, do-it-yourself mess.

So take your tired♥frozen♥over-worked♥under-paid♥winter-blahs♥psyche over to the Union for a moment of sweet surrender. Cackle with some other chickens or find a quiet corner in which to roost.

And…um…don’t be afraid to show up packing marshmallows!

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