3-Day Weekend…Yes, Please…Start Right Now

The ASC is all about holistic student support…

We understand that’s it’s not always easy to leave youstress ballr spouse, the kids, your crazy boss, that stack of bills, your squeaking breaks, barking dog and carping in-laws at the classroom door.

It’s all about taking care of yourself…physically, mentally, emotionally…because to do your best, you have to be your best.

We get you…we know sometimes you just need a Calgon moment…a minute or two to close your eyes, breathe deeply and escape…


So for the Friday finale of Welcome Back Week…we offer just such a moment…have a seat in our massage chair and rock your cares away while you squeeze out that last bit of anxiety with one of our super-squishy stress balls…

Elizabeth Huff and Said Leghlid.jpg
Student, Elizabeth Huff and Adjunct Instructor, Said Leghlid are feelin’ no pain with one of our super-squishy stress balls in hand

If we hear heavy sighing…or light snoring… we will not disbturb.

Trust us. We got you…


Holler Back Ya'll

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