Snag’a’Snack Thursday

I hope, Chickens, I hope you’re feeling warm and fuzzy inside…because we are welcoming the heck outta’ you this week in the ASC.all cups

We’re glad to have you back…we’re glad for the clamor of students in our labs, waiting areas and offices. 

We’re glad to hear:

“Where are the tutors? I need a tutor! I’m not even gonna wait…I’m just going to start right now.”

“Where is this?” (the ASC)…This seems like a happy place.”

“I just have a question and someone told me you would help…”

“Ahhh. Coffee.”

So bring your early-semester mug (as in…tired face) our way and grab one of our super ASC stadium cups with a lil’ suga’ inside.


Don’t You?

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