Be Wickedly Wise

…by stopping by the ASC today betweem 10-2 where you’ll be able to pick up a CORNELL notebook and pen that will help you study smarter this semester…

cornellThe CORNELL notetaking system is A WIDELY RECOGNIZED SYSTEM OF NOTE TAKING that is commonly taught to university students, developed by Dr. Walter Pauk, a Cornell University professor. The Cornell system helps with organization of information and helps manage note-taking and study by dividing the process into pre-, during, and post- reading activity.

The Cornell system promotes active learning and critical thinking, providing a method by which you can increase comprehension of class material.

The format follows…but stop by and see us in the ASC today for a “specialized” notebook prefomatted in CORNELL STYLE.



                                P.S. We still have donuts & coffee!!!coffee-and-donuts-clipart-i0

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