Oh What Fun It Is To Shop With a $100 Walmart Gift Card…


Join me in a hip-hip-hooray for the following Thundering Chickens whose holiday shopping load just got a little lighter…

winning chickenTell me, how does it feel to be a winner instead of dinner?
  • BRIAN FISH – Weirton
  • SUSAN MURRAY – Wheeling 
  • AMANDA LOGSTON – New Martinsville 

These lucky…well…there is some luck involved…but there is also some forethought and planning…some deserved-ness too…because these students took control of their futures!

They grabbed the bull by the horns…ahem…the chicken by the neck…and made sure to be registered before Thanksgiving break! Can I get a hallelujah!

Is it too late for the rest of the herd…ahem…flock? Heck no…you can still be a winner (you know, intrinsically) by:

  1. Hitting up the Christmas Cash Cube, sponsored by Student Activities, today...right nowuntil 1 pm…in the Student Union for some great prizes and light refreshments…

The day you decide to do it is your [c]lucky day…

~Japanese Proverb


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