Be Wise & “BEE” Advised

n. PRE-Registration – An early registration, as for returning college students, that takes place before general registration; a designated period of time prior to registration

Today kicks off the “pre”registration period, T. Chickens. This means it’s time to find your advisor, track ’em down, and schedule an appointment…to get yourself ready to register for spring.

You’ve gotta’ check in with your advisor – make sure you’ve got the right classes in mind, check on any updates or changes, get any program info. you need…

Registration begins November 10…this gives you plenty of time to meet with your advisor, make sure you have your PIN and your CRNs ready to go when registration officially opens.

Don’t get stung by missing out on classes you need, when you need them…we’ll bee queenfind you, T.Chickens, don’t worry…we’ll be swarming for the next couple of weeks…campus will be a’buzz with the word…

Be wise ~ be advised ~ be registered before break!

(Don’t make me go all ‘Queen B’ on ya’!)

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