Not Another Lecture!?!?!

The following post is contributed by Supplemental Instructor for Anatomy & Physiology & Tutor Extraordinaire, Kris Matyskiela

Stat_SM_SIOne component of tutoring is known as Supplemental Instruction or SI.  An SI leader meets with a group of 3 or more students at a designated time and place each week and work together highlighting and reviewing important parts of your class lecture. The SI leader does not replace your teacher and SI is not a replacement for your class. SI is a ‘supplement’ to your class lectures and the leaders work closely with your teachers to stay up-to-date on course content, hand outs and lectures. No, SI is NOT another lecture! An SI leader can take the time to break down the “whole” of your class lecture, often spending more time on a troublesome topic/concept. Plus, you can participate more in the SI session and this affords an opportunity to learn from one another. Stop in the tutoring center to see if SI is offered for your class! If not, maybe one can be started.


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