The Girls With Kaleidoscope Eyes


Stay-tuned to our blog next week, October 5-8, when terrific Tutoring Coordinator, Stephanie Smith and I travel to Milwaukee to get our schlemiel-schlimazel on…

Thanks to the Google gods, I know that schlemiel-schlimazel actually means habitual bungler and unlucky person in Yiddish…so maybe we’ll forget about playing Laverne and Shirley (I think Stephanie would definitely be Shirley…) anyway…hasenpferrer aside…we’ll be there for the NCLCA (National College Learning Center Association) conference.

We’ll be soaking up energy and ideas from colleges all over the country about how to best do our work…how we can fall in love with our work all over again…how we can inspire and be inspired…

kalideascopeOkay, I know, a little ambitious…maybe it won’t be Woodstock…but I know I’m looking forward to new and diverse perspectives, an opportunity to see learning and support with kaleidoscope eyes.

We’ll be sure to check in about our experience as the week goes on…


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