One Early Bird Will Get $100 Worth of Wal-Mart Worms!!

That’s right…it does pay to get ahead.

As part of our ongoing “BEE” Advised campaign, any student who registers for the spring semester before Thanksgiving break will automatically be entered to win a $100 Wal-Mart gift card (1 winner on each campus).

How awesome is this?!? You get registered (something you have to do anyway) before the holiday break – no stressing over break about your spring schedule: Will you/won’t you get the classes you need? How will your work schedule “work” with your class schedule? How much longer ’til graduation?

AND…you may pick up some bucks to help with your holiday shopping…I mean we’re talking turkey, now, right?!?! Seriously, like, talk about killing two birds with one stone?!?!

A lot of bird metaphors for one post, isn’t it?

Bird or bee…fly in to see your advisor and make it a goal to be registered before the Thanksgiving break – then you and I will both have a little something extra to be thankful for…

Be Wise & “BEE” Advised

n. PRE-Registration – An early registration, as for returning college students, that takes place before general registration; a designated period of time prior to registration

Today kicks off the “pre”registration period, T. Chickens. This means it’s time to find your advisor, track ’em down, and schedule an appointment…to get yourself ready to register for spring.

You’ve gotta’ check in with your advisor – make sure you’ve got the right classes in mind, check on any updates or changes, get any program info. you need…

Registration begins November 10…this gives you plenty of time to meet with your advisor, make sure you have your PIN and your CRNs ready to go when registration officially opens.

Don’t get stung by missing out on classes you need, when you need them…we’ll bee queenfind you, T.Chickens, don’t worry…we’ll be swarming for the next couple of weeks…campus will be a’buzz with the word…

Be wise ~ be advised ~ be registered before break!

(Don’t make me go all ‘Queen B’ on ya’!)

Have You Hugged a Tutor Today?

cool cats

I mean Northern tutors are pretty cool people and we just so happen to be celebrating National Tutor Appreciation Week this week…so I can’t really think of a better time to give our tutors a big ole’ hug of appreciation.

It could be you’re not the hugging type…which is totally fine with me…because I’m not a big hugger either…so I’ll give you another fantastic option…come by the ASC…you’ll notice a table of cards and a board where you can write a note to say:


“Hey __________ (specify tutor here), you are pretty amazing for being helpful and dedicated and enthusiastic and engaged and easy to talk to and patient and inquisitive and interesting and a good listener and courageous enough to say to the WVNCC world I have gifts and I’m not afraid to use them!”

I mean where would we be without our tutors? In trouble is where.

Or, better yet, maybe you’ve never met any of our tutors…if this is the case, it’d probably be borderline creepy to hug one or leave notes…so stop by the ASC and just check out what we do…you’re bound to meet one of these incredible tutors while you’re here.

So appreciate a tutor today…before it’s too late…and the week slips by…and you’re burdened by regret…and have 7 years of bad luck…and…

Not Another Lecture!?!?!

The following post is contributed by Supplemental Instructor for Anatomy & Physiology & Tutor Extraordinaire, Kris Matyskiela

Stat_SM_SIOne component of tutoring is known as Supplemental Instruction or SI.  An SI leader meets with a group of 3 or more students at a designated time and place each week and work together highlighting and reviewing important parts of your class lecture. The SI leader does not replace your teacher and SI is not a replacement for your class. SI is a ‘supplement’ to your class lectures and the leaders work closely with your teachers to stay up-to-date on course content, hand outs and lectures. No, SI is NOT another lecture! An SI leader can take the time to break down the “whole” of your class lecture, often spending more time on a troublesome topic/concept. Plus, you can participate more in the SI session and this affords an opportunity to learn from one another. Stop in the tutoring center to see if SI is offered for your class! If not, maybe one can be started.



letter_writi_24714_md_thumb_1Dear Student,

Please be advised that you are lucky enough to be advised. You have an advisor here at Northern. An advisor all your’s. An advisor committed to your success.

I envy you, student. I would like to have an advisor, too. Someone with wisdom and experience who is committed to my success.

An advisor to share stupid ideas with who will tell me they’re stupid ideas because my advisor has my best interests at heart. (And I do have some stupid ideas.)

An advisor to share half-baked ideas with who will ask the right questions to get things “cooked up right.”

An advisor to celebrate when I don’t make the same mistake twice. An advisor to remind me to think twice.

An advisor with some experience under her belt who see things ahead that I don’t.

An advisor on the “inside” who waves me in.

An advisor who understands I’m not easy to advise.

An advisor who doesn’t let me off easy because it’s easier than keeping me on the hook.


I don’t really want to go it all alone, students. That’s why I envy you – you have an advisor here at Northern. If I had an advisor, I’d see her. Every semester. Probably more than once.

face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eyeI’d understand if she was busy. I’d email her more than once. I’d call her, heck I’d even show up at her office door and if she wasn’t there, I’d leave her a big, fat note,
with a silly emoji face on it with my name and my number and bold letters saying “I NEED TO SEE YOU – LET ME KNOW WHEN!”

And I’d keep doing it until we met – my advisor would know I’m not a stalker – just value her advice.

And when I graduated, I’d have a letter of recommendation from my advisor who put in some “goods words” for me around town.

And to let her know just how glad I was to have her as an advisor here at Northern – I think I’d add my advisor to my Christmas card list.