Our House, In the Middle of Our Street…

The ASC House was open today and what a wonderful day it was! It was a pleasure talking with our students and introducing them to the resources we provide.

We had a fantastic turnout, many students, and were also pleased to see faculty and staff who were even willing to “Spin ‘n Win.” I think setting up shop outside of the bathrooms helped us snag a few unsuspecting students. (Note to self: bathrooms – high traffic areas).

Open House

Open House II

I’m always eager (probably too eager as far as my colleagues are concerned) to talk about learning-support and what we do here in the ASC.

Resource, by definition, is: to provide with materials…staff, and other assets necessary for effective operation; a … supply of … materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person … to function effectively.

I view learning and academic support as a necessary resource, without which, students cannot function effectively, let alone exceptionally. This is quite different than the common misconception that an Academic Support Center is a source of remediation for those who are deficient.

Who among us can succeed without resources? Maybe knowing how to locate and use resources is the key to success.

So I was glad to wrangle with students (coming out of the bathroom) to share my views on our Center…we are an “open house” of the resources and support that every successful student needs.

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