Sometimes I Lose Mine…

I’ll bsense of humore the first to admit it.

I walked into our Financial Aid Office a few weeks ago (crunch time for colleges nationwide)  and a young woman in the waiting area was holding a beautiful little girl. I stopped to let her know how much I admired her big pink bow wrapped around a Pebbles-esque ponytail. The little girl stared intently, her mouth firm, ends turned subtly down. She was having none of it.

“She’s very serious,” her mother said.

“I understand,” I said and left her to it – because I do understand. I get that way. Too frequently, probably.

Think too much, worry too much, try to make the world make sense. Always had that tendency – my father says – since I was in big pink bows with pigtails.

So – I understand. And I’ve learned. One of the best things you can do is surround yourself with people who make you laugh and you can laugh with…because living is kind of absurd…no matter how you do it.

I’m thankful today (am I rushing the season?) to work with people who often remind me that it feels good to laugh. I had the longest, hardest laugh with my colleagues in the ASC recently- during a staff meeting – serious stuff to discuss – but for 10 minutes or so we just sort of fell into fits of laughter…at ourselves and life, in general.

It was the best meeting I’ve attended in a long time. Having people around with whom you can work hard and laugh hard, people who remind you that it doesn’laught do any good to take yourself too seriously…is, I think, a very special thing to find …or create.

It’s important stuff we do – all of us – students, faculty,

And laughing.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Lose Mine…

  1. Fantastic post! What a great way to start my week! I have been saying it for almost a year now, and will continue to say it over and over and over…. I am so fortunate to have been chosen for this position, in this department, with THIS group of people. I could not ask for better colleagues!! Thank you CJ, Kevin and Stephanie. You all make coming to work feel a little less like “work”. 🙂


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