Tell Me What You See, T.Chickens?

My son had his first appointment with an optometrist last week. He’d been noticing that he wasn’t seeing things as clearly as he has been for most of his twelve years, you know, here on earth.

crazy eyes

Turns out, he knows what he is (or isn’t) seeing. Dr. Pockl explained that he has one eye that sees well up close and one eye that sees distances well.

As I talked with my husband later about the appointment, I said, “How odd, he’s obviously inherited my penchant for physical abnormalities.”

“I was just thinking he must have inherited my tendency to balance things oGlassesut,” he replied.

My son’s appointment with the optometrist provided me with a much needed Rx: we see what we want to see.look different

How are you seeing it, T.Chickens? 

One thought on “Tell Me What You See, T.Chickens?

  1. This was great!

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