Tell Me What You See, T.Chickens?

My son had his first appointment with an optometrist last week. He’d been noticing that he wasn’t seeing things as clearly as he has been for most of his twelve years, you know, here on earth.

crazy eyes

Turns out, he knows what he is (or isn’t) seeing. Dr. Pockl explained that he has one eye that sees well up close and one eye that sees distances well.

As I talked with my husband later about the appointment, I said, “How odd, he’s obviously inherited my penchant for physical abnormalities.”

“I was just thinking he must have inherited my tendency to balance things oGlassesut,” he replied.

My son’s appointment with the optometrist provided me with a much needed Rx: we see what we want to see.look different

How are you seeing it, T.Chickens? 

I Do – Do You?

I Think Do, Therefore I Am

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all felt overwhelmed a time or two. You know that quick-sand-sinking-can’t-breathe-elephant-on-my-chest-head-in-a-blender feeling that leads to…deer-in-the-headlights-I-can’t-feel-my-tongue-why-can’t-I-see-colors feeling.

TheThinkerAKA: Paralysis.

Usually, I champion thinking…you know…through affecting channels like Critical Thinking: The Other National Deficit bumper stickers and magnets that remind us to Think: It’s Not Illegal Yet…

But…I’m having second thoughts.

Sometimes the most effective way to get over feeling overwhelmed…or ineffective or unaffected or unmotivated or disconnected…is to shut down command.

That’s right…forgetta’bout’it. Stop thinking about what she said, what he did, why you said that, how it may look, what went wrong, why it won’t work, what so-and-so thinks, how to begin, why things always turn out like this, what-if, what-if and what-if...

Give yourself to the Dark Side. Yes, your thoughts betray you.

When Darth Vader comes creepin’, use the force to send your “thinking brain” to a galaxy far, far away. Go ahead and channel your inner ‘wookiee’, your “animal brain” that wants to act, wants to do first and think later…find food, take shelter…survive!bubbles

Do something – anything. Take one action, accomplish one task: write your name, wash the dishes, call your mother, organize your desk. Start with something trivial, something rote, to help power down and then just keep going…I mean doing

Don’t (all together now) over think it.

Actions (all together now) speak louder than words…anyway.

And to prove my point…I’m not going to think too much about where the nerdy Star Wars references came from?!?!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on the importance of critical and creative thinking…

The Utmost…for the Reader

cathyA reader, not an author, decides how good a piece of writing is, so if a reader casts the written material aside, all writing is to no avail.   The author must consider the reader and decide how best to reach a particular reader.  This involves precise and extensive planning long before the reader is given the material, not the day before the material is due, nor the due date itself.

“Reading brings us unknown friends,” said Honore’ de Balzac.  The reader should connect with the author through the writing, and if the reader has no desire to read the writing, how can this be achieved?  It can’t, so thelove_on_mac_wallpapers_making_happy_people_770793_jpeg-1280x800 author has ignored the purpose.

Therefore, the highest regard must be made so that the reader is satisfied and is eager to read the writing.  Only then can a writing be considered to be complete.

Cathy Moore taught English Composition for over 13 years at Oklahoma City Community College and then West Liberty University after obtaining a Masters Degree from Oklahoma City University in 2001.

Cathy tutors Monday-Thursday / 10 am – 4 pm….stop by and see her for English and psychology tutoring.