There Are No Strange Chickens

Are you feeling cooped up? Pooped out?

You know what helps? CO-MISERY.

That is, bonding with others who are feeling cooped up and pooped out…and when it comes to bonding, well, you came to the right place!

Did you know that we work hard here at Northern to create “bonding spaces”…(not bondage spaces…geesh, Chickens, minds out of the gutter!) Places where students can come together to study, vent, chat and relax…’cause it’s important to be connected…and sometimes that just means being present…physically.

We’ve got great student unions, lounges, cafes…and, ahem, ASCs…in every WVNCC building for you to hang out before, after, or between classes…spaces crying out for studying, eating, napping, recharging (self or phone) and/or chatting. There are no strangers on campus, Chickens, only friends.

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Speaking of friends…you know who your best friends are right now, Chickens?

  1. Service Center
  2. Advisor

Not that these friends are fair-weather, just that, about now, they’re expecting you to visit. Why, you crow?


That’s right…it’s registration time so we’re looking to connect with you in a big way. Your first stop – Service Center. Those folks are gonna’ hook you up! They’re going to make sure all your eggs are in the right basket. They’re going to ‘lay’ a registration ticket on you…this is your VIP pass to see your advisor…stop two.

Your advisor is your key to graduation…and not just because he/she has your PIN#, but because your advisor is going to make sure you’re on a clear and direct path to your diploma. So take your ‘ticket’ with you and get connected to your advisor…ASAP.

Far be it from me to ruffle feathers, but HUH-LOOOOW, college is never a drive-through operation. You have to make some regular stops…

Image result for well connectedSpeaking of stops, you want to stop by the ASC today… because we are set-up to get you well-connected in a Halloweenie-treat kind of way!

Spoiler Alert…

So we had a nice crowd for our “Elizabeth Blue” preview…

elizabeth blue 2_LI (2)

And I had to leave before the end of the film…my kiddo had a BIO 1-pager and a geometry test the next day…but my colleagues filled me in on Friday morning…and I have to say, Chickens, I really did not see the ending coming!

I’m whatever the opposite of sentimental is…so the depiction of the title character’s romantic relationship was way over the top…for me, you know, as a hard-hearted pragmatist…so the revelation at the end made it a better film in my, admittedly warped, opinion.

And I’ll admit, the movie really did have me thinking about reality and perception…in a super-deep kind of way. I wonder if we don’t all have ‘Lizzy Blue’ days…I know I do…days where it feels like your reality doesn’t seem to intersect with anyone else’s.

But, Chickens, I think on this we can agree: If you were going to have an imaginary animal appear to comfort you…I mean, who in the world would want a raccoon?!? Raccoons are handsy little rat-bandits! Why not a koala bear? A long-eared bunny? A pink mini-pig? Or even a fluffy feathered …Chicken?

elizabeth blue 1
ASC Administrative Assistant, Jacqui Hores, directs a movie-goer toward snacks and seats

In any case, we were pleased to have partnered with a few of the agencies in the local community tirelessly engaged in promoting mental health and wellness…because it is the foundation for a life well lived.